Facebook controls my life.

Social media govern my days.

Such is the fate of a social media and web administrator. Or, my preferred title, an online community manager. Sounds much more interesting.

Besides earning a paycheck, I am a fitness junky, recently got married and am launching a business with the best of partners, my husband and my brother.

I hold masters degree in journalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. My passion is advocacy journalism: human rights, conflict mediation and peace-driven reporting are just a few of my interests.

But that sounds so serious! The rest of my life consists of:

  • being active, like, all the time or I’ll go crazy!;
  • watching too much Vampire Diaries (possible?);
  • hitting up every café I can find in search of the best Chai tea;
  • spending as much time as possible in my neighborhood park, which is the best neighborhood park of all neighborhood parks;
  • tackling new sewing and crafty projects (“professional Pinterest–er” is my next official title);
  • and finally, embarking on a new stage of life with my pretty rad husband.

In reality, I just like to have fun. That fun can range from lounging on the couch watching the Steelers game (or not so much lounging and more jumping around yelling) to crazy dance parties with our favorite people. But as a friend said to me a lifetime ago, life is more funner when you’re having fun. So amid the craziness that life brings, I want to have always have at least a little fun in the mix.

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