Sammiches & Psych Meds

Working mother, wife, recent inductee to the parents-of-children-with-cerebral-palsy-and-hemiparesis club, and wine addict.  Well, maybe not ADDICT.  Wine lover.  That makes it sound less like a problem and more like a hobby. 

I’m Slightly Insulted By Homeschooling

Preface: Some people are going to find this post offensive. Believe me when I say I considered not even writing it before reminding myself that the therapeutic value I gain from writing about things...more

It’s OK to Hate Pregnancy

There’s this romanticized idea of what pregnancy is or should be like for expectant mothers. ...more

How Blogging and Crack Cocaine are Basically the Same Thing

I’ve never actually tried crack cocaine before (at least not to my knowledge or willingly, unless coffee is really crack cocaine in disguise, in which case I’ve tried it and I love it like a hooker loves pleather thigh highs and conscientious manscaping), but I’m 99% positive blogging is exactly like it. For starters, crack […] ...more

What Sharing IS and IS NOT

I’ve come to the conclusion that my kids have no clue what it means to share when it comes to toys, food, and other items, and it’s driving me out of my friggin mind. ...more

Signs Your Partying Prime May Be Behind You

Let’s face it: Most of us can’t party like we used to, whether it’s because we’ve aged, had children, or landed grown up jobs. For my part, I’d like to say it’s because I’m pregnant, but truth be told, I couldn’t hang with the big dogs even if I were in perfect partying condition. Curious […] ...more

The Mediocre Moms’ Guide to Surviving Summer

It’s summer vacation, which means at any given moment on any given day parents across the nation are flooding social media with complaints about how much they hate summer and what they wouldn’t give to send their kids back to school NOW. ...more

My Child, the Hoarder

Alister, 6, is a hoarder. ...more

Actual Old People Things I’ve Said Recently

I don’t know if it’s because I’m feeling extra run down by this third pregnancy, because 40 is creeping ever-so-close in my near future, or because I’ve completely lost the last shred of cool to my name, but I’ve been saying a lot of really old sounding stuff lately, you guys. Really old sounding. Really […] ...more

10 Annoying Things About Kids to Consider Before Having One

Thinking about maybe having a baby? ...more