Just How Hungry Are You?

Although hunger gets a bad rap, it is actually an important physiologic sensation.  We blame hunger for ruining our diets, weight gain, or a weight plateau.  Fortunately or unfortunately, hunger is a fact we all have to live with, so we might as well get acquainted with it. This posting is a continuation of my last blog

Seeing Yourself in a Different Way; A Three Part Series 3/3

SEEING AND BEING IN A DIFFERENT WAY: Part three of Seeing Yourself in a Different WayIn this last posting of my Three Part series, Jill is no longer avoiding her shape and is using the mirror correctly....more

Seeing Yourself in a Different Way: A Three Part Series 2/3

CORRECT MIRROR USE (in vivo):  Part Two of Seeing Yourself in a Different WayIn Part One on this blog series I described what body avoidance is and how it affected Jill who had lost over 65 pounds. In Part Two, I will discuss how to use the mirror correctly. ...more

Seeing Yourself in a Different Way: A Three Part Series 1/3

BODY AVOIDANCE:  Part One of Seeing Yourself in a Different WaySome people who preoccupy about their weight or shape avoid looking at their bodies and dislike other people seeing them too.  These people avoid their body because looking in the mirror is too distressing.  Shape avoidance may take the form of wearing baggy clothes, not looking in the mirror or at photographs.1   Avoidance can occur in someone of any size....more

Fruits and Vegetables

I do pretty well getting in my fruits and vegetables every day so I thought I would share my routine with you.  Evening:  To prepare for the next day I cut up an apple and place it in baggie. I also pack fresh pineapple chunks and put both in my lunch sack in the fridge. I place banana on counter so I will remember to pack it in the morning.  Also pack a lunch prepared from Cooking Light Magazine which includes a vegetable serving ( ...more

What I Know (after vacation)

In my most recent blog I predicted I would be preoccupied by “feeling fat” on my vacation.  I also wrote about the skills I would use to decrease this feeling.  How good at I am at predicting the future?  I was surprisingly bad at it....more

What I Know (on vacation)

I’m going on vacation for 9 days. I know I will have a good time.  I know I will enjoy seeing new things and having time to relax.  I also know that about day 4 I will stop seeing my body correctly. ...more