Lauren R.

Hello! I'm Lauren, and I am currently living abroad in India. Gave up the corporate life, and all the comforts of home to move 8,500 miles away to India to marry the love of my life. Yes, you may think it's crazy - I certaintly did. But, if you don't have love, what else do you have? I have learned a lot, and am still learning. My posts are about travel, culture, love, lessons learned, following your passion and a little marketing and public relations tips thrown in the mix too - can't help it - once an MBA, always an MBA I guess ;) I hope you enjoy my posts, and please feel free to introduce yourself! Happy blogging! Namaste!


Write Your Own Future: 5 Lessons Learned

This post, I originally wrote for my blog: LifeSansBorders, which chronicles the crazy journey my husband and I are on in our tangled web of international love that has taken us across the globe and transcended seemingly insurmountable barriers. However, the lessons I have learned from our story our important enough to share with others - as they can be applied to just about every obstable in life. Live your passion - follow your dreams. You can do it....more