Leah Bradley

My life and my blog are about finding the potential in everything around me - from discarded items to untapped parts of myself - I love making something of whatever I've been given.

I have a 12 year old son on the Autism spectrum and a 9 year old son who's typically developing. I am married to an artist, who battles deep, life-long depression, and am in the midst of changing jobs - possibly career fields. Everything in my life is connected and everything is fodder for conversation.

I Don't Work for Yahoo! Why Do I Care About Marissa Mayer's Policy?

I always know news has hit the mainstream when my mother asks me about it. Yesterday, she called me to ask how I felt about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to ban telecommuting by June 2013, even for those who were hired in a city that doesn't have a Yahoo! office. The truth? I feel super invested in this policy -- something that doesn't affect my life at all -- and it's taken me a few days to figure out why....more
Best summation I've read yet:  "My definition of workplace flexibility is the freedom to take ...more
: Just dipped a toe into the BlogHer waters, thinking maybe I should've touched up my pedicure first.