Karin Jordan

Karin Jordan blogs at leighlaurelstudios.com. She grew up under her father's drafting table, making mini models out of cardboard scraps. With a part-time job at age ten, she bought her first sewing machine from a neighbor friend and taught herself how to use it. Throughout a variety of careers — magazine editor, public relations director, owner of a home and garden boutique, and antique folk art gallery director, Karin has simply wanted to make beautiful and fun things. She regularly draws upon her degree in art history for inspiration for her sewing, embroidery, craft patterns and activities with kids. Karin's husband is remarkably patient while she does her best to balance being a full-time assistant to two children under four with her creative endeavors. Her goal? Do something creative every day. She can be reached at leighlaurelstudios@gmail.com.

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