BlogHer Conference Speaker Spotlight: Founders and Partners and Girl Geeks, Oh My!

Our inaugural BlogHer | bet -- a conference designed for women with big ideas involving technology, the Internet or social media -- is less than a week away. And the closer it gets, the clearer it becomes that this is going to be something really special. Each and every participant is well into a career of imagination and influence, and each has a bright idea (or project, or business) that’s ready to become bigger and brighter. Each participant has been custom-paired with a mentor who has achieved acclaim and prominence in her field and is committed to sharing insights and supporting other women....more

It was really quite something, especially in the morning, to look out over the Microsoft ...more

Hi, I'm Polly, Your BlogHer Conference Programming Cruise Director!

Ahoy, BlogHers! All right, I’m not exactly your Cruise Director. But close. My name is Polly Pagenhart, and I’ll be joining Elisa Camahort Page and Jes Ferris as the newest member of BlogHer’s Conference Programming team. ...more

I am new to the world of blogging and looking forward to my very first BlogHer conference. That ...more

Speaker Spotlight: BlogHer | bet '11 Features Five More Inspiring Women

Fortune magazine Editor-at-Large Pattie Sellers has said: “Unlike the guys, who tend to view power as ‘up the ladder,’ women typically define power as ‘influence.’" They use that influence -- and expand its sphere -- by sharing the wealth of their experience, and mentoring others. ...more

The Kids Are All Right: It's a Family Affair

I am proud to say that I was a hard sell for The Kids Are All Right, the family comedy-drama starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and opening in limited release on July 9th. A mainstream film featuring a lesbian-headed family?! And the leads are among two of the finest actors working right now? With seven Oscar nominations between 'em? Oh you betcha I’m there. But I’m there with both expectations and hackles raised. ...more

Groundbreaking movie on a number of levels! Can't wait to read your future post re the round ...more

There Is a World of Difference Between "in Spite of" and "Because of"

Sitting in the pint-sized, putty-colored kid chairs, we asked ourselves what so many parents have asked before us: In this new, large community -- the first of many so big we'd be lucky to know the names of all the people she'd come to know in it -- would she bloom? Or wilt? And another question, not unfamiliar to many parents before us, but for us fraught in its own unique way, since our right to our parenthoods and families is far from presumptive, years from "natural." We wondered: At what point would our difference make a difference to her? ...more

That lets a child with two mothers write that phrase in school without fear, let alone put it on ...more

20 Questions About Lesbian Fatherhood

Partly in service to the students in the class I spoke to the other day whose online questions I didn't have time enough to answer in person, and partly in service to the random assortment of you readers who may have asked such questions at one point or another, if goaded to by a class requirement, I offer up the following smattering of Qs and their As. ...more

Intriguing write upmore

The Magic of Story

In the title essay of her collection Small Wonder, Barbara Kingsolver tells a story – a true story – about a lost child, and a bear, and an act of inter-species grace. (The essay appeared first in Orion Magazine in 2002, and is archived online at  She mulls over the miracle at the core of the story, a parable, really, and then uses the parable in turns as microscope and telescope, a lens through which to see the world – and the self – more clearly. Kingsolver says, "I believe in parables. I navigate life using stories where I find them, and I hold tight to the ones that tell me new kinds of truth."  She may as well have been speaking for my daughter.  ...more

Yes, the magic of story! We have many, many stories in our home... some my partner and I make ...more

Second Time Around

Like many second children (and third, and fourth), our son burst out of the womb like Seabiscuit at the Kentucky Derby. We had a fraction of the advance warning we had for the first child, and my beloved's active labor was shorter than your average Hollywood movie. Bam! He was here! ...more

I've had many of the same feelings! 

My second child (Lucy) arrived last April, and ...more