Leslie Sholly

  • Catholic (baptized shortly after birth by then-Father and later-Bishop Shea, at Immaculate Conception Church, of which I am still a member)
  • Southern (born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and still here, with a brief interruption during which I attended college at Georgetown University and then got married and lived in Alexandria, Virginia for one year)
  • Wife (for 24 years, to John, a native of Baltimore whom I met at Georgetown)
  • Mother (of five:  Emily (22), Jake (19), Teddy (to us–Theo to his friends) (18), William (12) and Lorelei (8))
  • Homemaker (as in, I don’t leave the house to do my work, and I’m in charge of the cooking, and the laundry, and what housework gets done around here, among other things)
  • Legal assistant (to my husband, who practices primarily family law, with a lot of other things thrown in) from our home office, so that I can help with our business (writing letters, talking with clients, keeping time, sending out bills) while remaining at home where we want me to be
  • Sometime writer (formerly a columnist–for eight years–writing on life issues for the local Catholic paper)
  • Occasional editor (helping my mother’s non-profit with grant proposals and other writing/editing tasks)
  • Always busy (writing this blog, volunteering at church and schools, running my kids here and there, snatching time for myself, spending way too much time on Facebook)

Book Review: Rescuing Julia Twice

I am so happy that Tina Traster offered me the chance to read and review this important story of her daughter’s adoption from Russia (Siberia, to be precise) and the family’s struggle with Reactive Attachment Disorder.Let me start by explaining why this subject resonates with me, and why I was excited to read this book....more
KCF1 Thanks for sharing your personal story!  Contrasting your experience with the author's, I ...more

It's Been So Long Since Last We Met

If y’all don’t understand the title, it’s the first line of Georgetown’s fight song, which is the best fight song ever.  Seriously, it is.  One of my college housemates once went to some kind of Catholic Youth conference where everyone sang their school’s fight song, and everyone there agreed it was the best.  You can hear it here....more

A Story Unfinished: A Review

A few months ago, I was honored to be chosen as an “Off the Shelf” reviewer for Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City.  Y’all may have noticed by now that I love books.  So why wouldn’t I be thrilled to have the opportunity to read quality books (for free!) and talk about them here?  My first review follows.  My only compensation was the book itself, and the opinion is my own....more

A Work in Progress

Every morning, when I get home from driving William to school, I get out of my car, start, walking toward the house, and then stop and stand staring like an idiot at my garden.  My neighbors probably think I’m crazy (actually, they already have plenty of other reasons to think that)....more

Obamacare Update 2

As promised, I will continue to update you on our family’s journey out of the ranks of the uninsured thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Here’s where we are now:  John, Emily, Jake, and I are fully insured through BCBST.  Lorelei and William remain on TennCare which seems to be in a kind of limbo status–we haven’t heard anything from them in months.  Teddy remains uninsured but I have been contacted regarding my appeal, so we’ll see.  I really think it’s a glitch of some kind....more

It All Boils Down to This

It's New Years Day and y'all know what that means, right?  Black-eyed peas and greens, at least for us Southerners....more

Middle School Christmas Miracle

William, my big baby boy, is growing up, even though he doesn't want to.  He'll be 13 in March, he's almost as tall as I am, he weighs 140 lbs., and he started middle school this year....more

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Peter Jackson

Beware!  Herein lie spoilers!...more

O Come O Come Emmanuel

I made my first Holy Communion during Advent 1974, and that was the processional song.  It's the first time I remember hearing it--at any rate it's when I learned the words--and so hearing it this time of year has a little bit of extra significance for me!...more