Leah Spring

I'm an over 40 mom to a slew of boys and one teenage girl. My 5 big boys are all on their own now (and I'm a grandma x4!) but my four youngest kids are still at home. My blog is predominately about raising these youngest four, who all have Down syndrome. Other topics include International Adoption (three of my boys are from Serbia) dogs, motorcycling, and just living life! 

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Discovering herself

Bringing a new child home is the most amazing experience, particularly if they lived a life deprived of normal childhood experiences. We do whatever we can to go back to infancy and toddlerhood, to work through all those stages so they can eventually move forward. ...more

Do it

If you are a woman, please please please watch this video. (it is not for kids) Now do it. Every day ....more


This is our accomplishment for the week If you're new to the world of feeding problems, this is big. Really big! Not only is she drinking (something she's been battling with me about) but her tongue is in her mouth, not being used as a lower, lip ....more


Every one of the kids has a different way of communicating. Here's an example of where each of the kids are at.Abel (combined ASL with some vowel sounds) "Mom. I want drink please." and "I want eat please." and "I want swing please." He mostly just requests his wants and needs ....more

What makes me smile?

I have so many reasons to smile, who run around our house just loving life. Clearly, God put them here just for that purpose. Like this guy ....more

1 week post op follow up

So, I got all worked up over nothing. Yep. The Oncotype gene test wasn't done ....more

The Cancer Coaster

I wanted to go all this week without posting about cancer. I really didn't want to think about cancer at all, except that's hard because certain parts of my boob remind me several times per day that it exists. Since I'm writing about this journey for more than just myself, I think its important to acknowledge this aspect of cancer.Cancer causes crazy.Cray cray.Crazy pants.Crazy Crackers.Yes, cancer causes people to become all of those things ....more

Feeding Update

If you followed my adoption blog, you know one of my biggest concerns about getting Audrey home was how to manage her feeding problems - or the huge mess created by them - on the plane. I don't think I have any videos of those first few day as she and I learned how to work with one another. Mostly it was me learning how she did/did not use her tongue to manage the food in her mouth ....more

Thank you for curing my cancer

This is a hard post to write, because I don't want to sound ungrateful. I have a lot of friends. More than I ever knew, who care about me enough to send me their well wishes, prayers and positive thoughts ....more

Lumpectomy Post Op recovery

Part of my blogging about this cancer journey is for me, but also so that others coming behind me can be prepared. This is the information I looked for that I had a hard time finding. ...more