Leah Spring

I'm an over 40 mom to a slew of boys and one teenage girl. My 5 big boys are all on their own now (and I'm a grandma x4!) but my four youngest kids are still at home. My blog is predominately about raising these youngest four, who all have Down syndrome. Other topics include International Adoption (three of my boys are from Serbia) dogs, motorcycling, and just living life! 

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So you want to visit an orphanage...

Today someone sent me a link to this Huffington Post submission about Voluntourism. I'd like to talk about this a bit.Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit an institution in Serbia and share my love with some kids who were lacking in that department. I was so excited!!!! ...more

Getting over the hump

Its Hump day today, and I have a big hump to get over. Yesterday was really rough with side effects. Although I was non-functional all day I couldn't really get any rest either ....more

Round 3: Now I know

Normally I get my chemo on a Thursday then 24 hours later get my Neulasta shot. That injection is what keeps my white cell count up so I can fight infections.But last week I had a little glitch with my gallbladder, causing chemo to be postponed until Friday. That meant I had to wait until today (Monday) for my Neulasta shot.Interestingly I didn't sleep for the first 4 day after chemo ....more

When the kids are away

When the kids are away, Dudley finds someone else to take care of ....more

The Man in the Mirror

When I found out I was going to be loosing my hair I shaved it off. I have control issues, you know. I ordered some fun hats and one ministry sent me a beautiful scarf, which I love ....more

Kinder Eggs

When I was in Serbia to bring Audrey home I intended to do a blog post about Kinder Eggs, which never happened so here it is!Kinder Eggs in much of Europe. The toys inside are considered collector items by a lot of kids. Kinder eggs are banned in the US because they inside parts are considered a choking hazard.The pictures are pretty self explanatory but what you can't get from them is the deliciousness of the chocolate! ...more

Park Pics

We have this little park a few blocks away (just out of walking range for a couple of our people). We love to take the kids up there! Asher is usually hanging on or climbing up something....more

Father's Day

Please excuse my lack of posts lately. It takes me 8-10 days to recover from chemo and then a few more days before my brain is really able to formulate thoughts and by then there is just too much going on for me to post.Anyway, on Father's Day we just hung out here at home. I was just starting to feel well again but didn't have much energy to burn yet ....more

Happy 18th Birthday!

Happy 18th birthday to The Queen today!...more

Dog Day

Memorial weekend I put out a call for help on Facebook. My dogs were a MESS and desperately in need of grooming. Unfortunately I just didn't have the energy to get them all done myself like I usually do and didn't really have the money to spend on professional grooming ....more