Renee Hartwick

When I was 19, I did something that not many college freshmen do...I had a baby. My little boy was a big surprise, and in the end, I decided that open adption was the best option for him. He deserved a full, wonderful, want-for-nothing life and since -- in my situation -- I couldn't give it to him, I placed him with people that could. Today, we all have a beautiful relationship where we see each other frequently and get along like family. But I still miss my Little Man like crazy, so I write letters to him, in the hopes that he will someday read them and understand the all-encompassing love I have for him. 

Letters to Little Man is a blog for my handsome little guy, the people who love him, and other birthmoms, adoptive families and parents everywhere. This blog is for anyone who has ever had to love someone from a distance. This blog is for all types of families, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, brothers and sisters. But mostly, this blog is all about the love :)

My Son Was Adopted...Now What?

After a baby is adopted, a birth mother doesn’t just go home and pick up where she left off. Everything is different then. Nothing is “normal” anymore. The bed where you slept so comfortably is now the place where you spent your first few minutes of labor. The porch where you like to sit on summer days is now the place where you took all of your maternity pictures. All of your Facebook friends with babies seem like they’re rubbing your face in their motherhood. The sun streaming in through the kitchen windows doesn’t make you smile anymore. Everything feels…off....more
From an adoptive mom's perspective, this may be one of the most touching and inspiring things ...more

The Last "F-Word"

As you may have noticed, I get very nostalgic when you hit major milestones: your first laugh, your first words, your first steps, your first birthday, yoursecond birthday, your first big boy bed…the list goes on. ...more

Adoption is Everywhere

Dear Little Man,I’m going to share a secret of mine with you. That secret is that I dream about being pregnant again someday.In my actual dreams, I’m generally terrified of pregnancy and, in dream world, I find myself thinking, “I’m pregnant again? Oh my, I wonder if The B’s will raise this one for me, like they did Liam…” So, so, so weird. I’m generally thrilled to wake up and realize it was a dream because I has such a difficult time going through with placing you…I’m not sure I could do it again....more