Linda Glass

With over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership and management development, Linda Glass brings in-depth business acumen and corporate background to each of her professional engagements. She understands the value and mechanics of acquiring the right talent and its effect on a company’s performance. Prior to starting her own consulting business, Glass was a leader with Starbucks Coffee Company for 11 years where she was responsible for establishing the company’s first recruiting center of excellence. She was responsible for everything from front-line recruiters to recruiting operations where she and her teams transformed talent acquisition. Her final role was as the Director of Global Talent Strategies where she helped Starbucks ensure that they were hiring all store management with both the skills and culture in mind for a solid fit. Prior to her work in HR, she worked in marketing, product development and creative; giving her a solid understanding as a business leader. She has coached and trained executives as well as hiring managers around the globe on how to recruit and hire the best talent.

Linda has worked across a variety of industries spanning from Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial start-ups. Clients come from a diverse slate of companies including Citigroup, Whole Foods, Dunkin Brands, UBS, United States Tennis Association, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Charity Dynamics and milk + honey spa.

Certified in ROI Coaching by Steinbrecher & Associates, Glass is an alumna of Future of Talent Thought Leadership Group and Center for Creative Leadership. Prior to Starbucks, Glass held a career in public relations and marketing, leading the strategy for the Seattle Repertory Theatre and the Indiana Repertory Theatre. 

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