Stream of Consciousness

 I tried to write this blog last night. Instead I stared at the blank computer screen, wrote and erased several so-so topics, and then I gave up. Sometimes inspiration just doesn't hit.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I took a walk yesterday with Casey, Stacey, and three dogs. When we were walking back, the light was perfect, just a half hour or so before sunset. The leaves appeared golden, the fallen leaves were crunching beneath my feet, everyone was quiet in their own appreciation of the moment. It's one of my new favorite mental snapshots....more


In participating in this blog challenge, there have been a lot of new people visiting our blog! And one thing we reference quite frequently is weight loss, but we've never quite told the whole story (because mostly the people reading were our Moms, who know the whole story- hi Moms!)...more

Letter I'll Never Send

Dearest baby, I still think about you every day. What you could have been. Who you would have looked like....more


November is a month that is historically hard for me. My Grandfather died in November 19 years ago, my grandparent's anniversary was in November, and I also spent a lot of time with them during November because it's deer hunting season. I don't have a lot of clear memories surrounding the death of my Grandfather. I was 10, and there was a lot of hushed talking, unanswered questions, and I wasn't allowed to see him in the hospital....more
@lindsayblogs I definitely agree! I've learned a lot by watching others and learning from ...more

Being Present

Some days, I have a really hard time being present in my own life.I work all day long with kids and parents who have a string of worries and feelings. It is my job to listen, to support, to give advice, to brainstorm. But mostly, it is my job to be present. To sit with a person in the moment that they're in - with them....more

The House That Built Me

It has a walk-in closet in my room. I used to knock on the wall that connected to my brother's room. Sometimes we used it as code to "talk" to each other. Sometimes we banged when we were mad at each other.It has blue shag carpeting.It has a squeaky stair in the middle of the staircase.It has a window in my bedroom and my parent's that looks out onto the roof - all the better for climbing out to shovel the roof, and jumping into the pile of snow below.It has a front stoop perfect for sitting on and watching the neighborhood on summer nights....more

Maple Memories

There's no doubt that I was a lucky child. Why? Because I never had to eat "fake" maple syrup. In fact, I didn't even know that there was any other kind of maple syrup in the world until I was a teenager....more