Jessica Miller

I'm currently a stay at home mom to my four beautiful boys- 7 month old triplets and a 2 year old! Happening upon the blogging world and writing about our wonderfully chaotic life has been a huge blessing in my life. 

July Fourth at the Lake

Over the past year (or more??) my in-laws have been in the process of building a lake house on a beautiful piece of property they've had since Chris and his siblings were little. There used to be a tiny cabin sitting on the property and now in its place there is a beautiful home big enough to house the whole family. This past weekend was the first time we've been able to stay there and it was pretty incredible! ...more

The things that happened this week

This past Sunday, we had a lovely Father's day breakfast. Simple and spirited. As you can imagine, the boys LOVE their Daddy and we had the best time celebrating him ....more

Belated Father's Day post

I love this man. Chris loves being a Dad and chooses those boys and our family, in big and small ways, every day....more

Meet Froggy

So there's a new little man in the house. He's got sticky feet, eats live crickets and has made a certain five year old over the moon.Meet Froggy. (I'm not sure how to spell his name... ....more


Tonight before bed, you were a complete mess. I think that you tripped on the rug between the bath and your room and it was over from there. You just couldn't get it together ....more

I am exhausted

I am exhausted, as in, I feel like I ran a 10K or something but I sure didn't! We just had a busy weekend and a busy day! This past weekend, we went to the farmer's market, the pool, did lots of cooking and yard work and had both my parents and Chris's parents visit ....more

Owen Turns One!

The bros with the birthday boy! This blue car is his favorite mode of transportation lately. Owen turned one on Monday! ...more

Like a Cork in Water

It is the eve of Owen's first birthday. Here's the honest to God truth. I have been really sad in these days leading up to his birthday ....more

Last Day of Preschool for Colin

Back in September of 2012 when Colin first started preschool, he did not want to go. He was so worried and anxious about school and it was hard to leave him on that first day. Remember that??He has grown so much in these last two years of preschool ....more

12 Month Photo Project- May

Getting out my camera to capture the boys, each month. ...more