Linda Gauthier

Who's Linda?  We all wear tags we see ourselves as and mine at the moment are changing, a few months ago it would be wife, mom, secretary. Now I'm newly retired, my children have just headed off to forge their new lives and adventures, so I'm re-discovering who I am.  I love  cooking, painting, I love photography, gardening and reading and making jewllery.  I care about social issues deeply, I'm an advocate for children and young adults with special needs.  I find beauty in the simplest things, the way a flower looks first thing in the morning with the dew on it, clouds are a big one for me. I worry about the future we are leaving our children and grandchildren.  I'm a strong beliver in sustainability and protecting our food sources by supporting our local farmers; I live on an island and this issue alone makes it that much more important.  I'm a Canadian, who lives in one of the most beautiful cities I know, Victoria B.C. on wonderful Vancouver Island.  I was born and raised here, I have lived in other areas of this wonderful country and I find I love the East Coast as much as the West but my heart always pulls me back home. 

I'm new to blogging and I've just started writing my blog "My Simply Delicious Weight Loss Adventure with Epicure Selections" .  I'm journaling my weight loss and recipes to  1. force myself to stick to it . 2. to help my daughter and my best friend loose weight,( they are on the East Coast) it is our online support group and motivation.  3. because I've found I love blogging.  This is in a nutshell is some of who Linda is, but it definitetly is not the sum of her.

How a Halloween Costume Changed My Life

Here in the Monkey House, we like Star Wars. Actually, we're kind of obsessed. And it all started during the brief whirlwind of a courtship between Mr. Martini and I. One night after some, umm, imbibing, Mr. Martini opened the closet and seemingly out of thin air came five full replica light sabers -- the kind that could be a movie prop if you didn't know better. At the time, I could have cared less about Star Wars. That was until my first 2am parking lot light saber battle with the neighbors. I was intrigued....more
Love this, when my son was young now turning 26, his obsession and constant super Heroes where, ...more

Nie Asks: Do You Meal Plan?

How do you plan for your weekly meals? Any tips to making this job easier?...more
I plan my meals by making a menu with my calories and point values figured out for the week.  I ...more

Fashion And Make Up Can Change Your Life. Even if You're Not a Super Model.

“They want you to be a model?” Those were the words that echoed through my mind as I read the invitation from Elisa Camahort Page and Kathryn Finney to be in the BlogHer '12 Fashion Show. The words weren’t my own. Do you remember the episode of Sex and The City when Carrie ripped the runway (and became fashion roadkill) as a “non-model”? It’s one of my favorites, and sadly, I played the episode over and over again to avoid any unfortunate situations. ...more
To feel that joy and the sisterhood is wonderful.  We as women forget to acknowledge our beauty ...more

Harissa-Spiced Chopped Salad

[Editor's Note: This week's Quicker Dinners option is a quick-to-pull-together salad that features plenty of iron-packed raw spinach, a protein punch from eggs, and a flavor boost from North African condiment harissa. It's a great option when you need to put dinner on the table quickly, but want to make sure everyone coming to dinner gets plenty of nutrition on their plate! --Genie] ...more
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New to Blogging

 Hi I'm new to blogging but I'm finding it extremely interesting and challenging.  I have just started a blog, journaling my personal weight loss journey.  It is called "My Simply Delicious Weight Loss Adventure with Epicure Selections." ...more
Thanks Darcie, I appreciate the encouragement.  Until a few weeks ago I didn't even own a cell ...more