Linda Hunt

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business that creates prosperity in all areas of their life – body, mind and spirit. 

Our businesses are an expression of who we are and whenever we are experiencing a challenge around money, it's never about the money!  The root cause can always be traced back to a combination of life lessons we are all here to learn and master.

My specialty is providing business owners with quick start solutions that make them profitable.  In my experience in working with small businesses is that entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and have lots of great ideas.  Ideas they struggle leveraging into cash and recurring revenue streams. 

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners to heal their relationship with money by first identifying and breaking through their limiting beliefs around money and then supporting their new belief with tools they can immediately implement in their business and life to support a new money conversation.

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Your Beliefs About Money

Over the weekend some newer friends of mine who just moved to the States called last minute to see if we could join them for dinner. She was going to throw together some salad and order pizza. I responded and said let’s make pizza, I just finished making my gravy. There was dead silence on the phone and my friend finally said, “We don’t put gravy on our pizza.” I busted out laughing! I had forgotten not everyone calls tomato sauce gravy or even knows that is another term used for it! ...more
Great article, Linda. Money memories is an interesting topic. Hope to see more of you here!more