Lindsay Dianne

Lindsay Dianne is the owner and operator of The Urban Momtographer, an All Purpose Life Blog with a focus on Healthy Eating, Parenting, Active Living, and her day job as a Published and Respected Photographer. Based on the West Coast of Canada, Lindsay Dianne is the mother to one daughter, and unmarried to the love of her life. 

After having gained over 70 lbs with her pregnancy, Lindsay found herself struggling as a young mother. In spring of 2010, Lindsay began to host a weekly blog feature about encouraging healthy eating in families by shedding the processed life. This was how Food Is Fuel Fridays were born. Through dedication, portion control and home cooked meals, Lindsay lost over 130 lbs as she took her destiny into her own hands and decided to take responsibility for her choices. She hasn't looked back since. 

The Urban Momtographer was voted fourth in's Top thirty Mom Blogs of 2010. Lindsay attended the 2010 Eco-Friendly Mom Blogger Summit at Great Wolf Lodge, Washington State, and is now also a contributor of eco friendly content on a highly successful American Mom Blog. Lindsay is also a freelance writer in her free time who enjoys hiking, camping, friends and laughter. 

Pierced, tattoed, unwed and unconcerned with what you think!