La Belle Mere

I am a 33 year old British woman, living in Bristol, UK.  I am a stressed, neurotic, wine loving, sporadic exercising, occasional smoker!  I recently gave up my single, career gal lifestyle when I married the man of my dreams and was plunged into a life as full time wife and part-time mother of two step children!  I blog about this stuff....  visit



Hi! Introducing myself

Hi all   Just joined BlogHer today and am here to say hi!  I am 33 year childless woman who has recently married a man with 2 kids.  My blog is a tongue in cheek, and sometimes slightly drunk, look at the ensuing tears, tantrums, excess drinking and emotional meltdowns my new role has induced in me!!! Ha!  See Looking forward to getting to know you all and reading your blogs to!   Becks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  ...more