BratBusters Parenting

My name is Lisa Bunnage and I am a Parenting Coach, TV Personality and Author.  But I'm a Mom first and foremost.  Kids are grown so I feed my maternal side with my business which I loooooove.  I'm all about how to discipline while still being the fun parent ... yes ... you can mix the two.  

Parents, Take Control & Get Respect

(I've been given permission to tell this story by my client and her daughter to help others who may be in the same boat.)...more

Mom, do you feel Bullied?

Moms, this is for you if you're fed up with people judging and criticizing your parenting.  You know, making you feel like crap about yourself and even your kids.   I've actually been hired just to help parents cope with this ... imagine how bad it is for that to happen :(....more

Your Parent-Esteem Survey

Firstly, I have a lot of new Coaching Programs on the way.  Here is what's available so far, including the next 8-Week Toddler Program starting April 7th.  The current Toddler Program is in Week 4 and I'm getting lots of fun feedback from parents along the way....more

Are you a Mean Mom

The term "Mean Mom" has been floating around for awhile.  I always thought it meant grown up version of "Mean Girls", all that bitchy stuff.  Well, now it seems to reflect mothers who discipline.Ugh ... since when did discipline get mixed up with being mean?  It's mean NOT to discipline your children....more

"Life Sucks!" says your teenage daughter. What do you do?

  This isn't just about daughters, this is how you talk to any child, any age about problems relating to low self-esteem, depression, low self-worth, etc....more

Parents, why Discipline is so Important .. and why you should be the Fun Parent

Check out my most recent appearance on Global TV News.  We're discussing how to mix discipline with fun. Bunnage, Parenting Coach ...more

Bossy Toddler ... what to do.

What do you do when your toddler starts bossing you around?  You teach them that this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  Here's an example:...more

Be the FUN PARENT, not the FRIEND

"Be the FUN PARENT, not the FRIEND" is my new phrase as it's such a perfect fit for how I feel about parenting.  I came up with it during last Saturday's appearance on Global TV Morning News; think I said it out loud, but may have just been in my head :)....more

Discipline & Fun

Discipline has gotten a bad rap over the past 30+ years unfortunately.  I think partly because we think of discipline in terms of hitting, yelling, etc.  Discipline to me is just about accountability.  Once children understand they are accountable for their actions, they just change....more

Parents, Do you feel guilty saying "no" to your children?

Do you feel guilty saying “no” to your child?  They look up at you with those big beautiful eyes and say, “Mommy, can I please have another cookie?” even though they just had 2 cookies and dinner is ready in an hour.  Here’s what adds to the guilt, you know they’re going to be upset and may even have a tantrum if they don’t get that 3rd cookie.  It’s just easier to give in to keep the peace....more