Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee is a product specialist at Facebook by day and a community organizer by night.

As the former publisher of, a community forum dedicated to discussing body image issues and eating disorders in the Asian American community.

Lisa was listed on Angry Asian Man's list of 30 Most Influential Asian Americans under 30 in 2009 and is the recipient of the 2011 San Francisco Emerging Leader Asian American Heritage Award. She is a frequent speaker on panels and at workshops on media-related issues for Asian American college students, young professionals and nonprofit managers. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley in Mass Communications and Theatre Performance Studies, Lisa is committed to using her communications and social media background to create a more complex representation of Asian America.

What Chinese New Year Means to My Body Image

Chinese Lunar New Year is just around the corner. What this usually means for me is another one of those potlucks at church, where there’s way too much food prepared by way too many aunties, or a yis as I fondly call them. Like most people, I can’t wait for the hot pots and steamed fish, but as a person who has struggled with my body image, the huge feast brings up complications. In order for me to get my hands on the delicious dishes that they’ve prepared, I have to brace myself for the string of, “Lisa! You’re back! You ______ (insert either lost/gained in blank) weight!”...more
Great article. I'm lucky enough to be from a "big boned" family and so, even though I was teased ...more