It's the simple things

 Wednesdays are my only true day off, because I work a lot on the weekends preparing stuff for our weekly paper.  Today I spent a good portion of my day making beet pickles with my daughter and my two-year old grandson,  We pulled beets that had been in the ground since April.  They looked so scabby and ugly you'd hardly think they were edible, but after they were cooked and peeled and sliced, their beautiful beet red color just glowed.  I love that we got to be outside on a sunny fall day--the simple things really are the best.  ...more

I missed two days!

 I hate to make excuses, but here goes...I simply forgot to post on Sunday.  I had some free time, and I managed to get sidetracked. Monday I worked until bedtime.  I was too busy.  Isn't it ironic that being free and being too busy had the same outcome?  I think there is something to be said for a good balance...and keeping an editorial calendar or otherwise writing some reminder so one doesn't forget.  I've been super busy today too, but I also had a free hour or two, so  I've found the time to post.  ...more

Time to relax now

 My mindless pleasure of the episode of the Pioneer Woman's cooking show.  I rarely have time to watch TV or see a movie, but just a half-hour of one of my favorite cooking shows is a sure way to relax.   ...more

The first bad habit I would drop...

 If I could magically lose my craving for sweets, I'd drop them right now.  I wouldn't eat another homemade cookie or slice of cake or drink another glass of sweet iced tea.  The 20 or so excess pounds I carry on my frame I can blame on my weakness for sweets.  I don't know why I love them so.  I don't feel as well when I overindulge, and my pants get tight.Still, I'm like an alcoholic when I get started eating them. Yes, I'd definitely pull my sweet tooth if I could. ...more

The muted colors of a Kentucky fall

I don't like it getting dark so early on these late autumn days, but there's something very beautiful about the soft greys and browns of a bare Kentucky landscape. I like this photo that I took today. ...more

Two years later

 I did my first Nablopomo two years ago when our first grandson was born,  That November was one of the scariest, most uncertain times of our lives.  Because of a life-threatening birth defect, CDH, our grandson spent the first eight months of his life in the NICU.  He's had several major surgeries and a few minor ones.  He breathed with the help of a ventilator until a couple of months ago.  He is still tube-fed.  ...more

Our first snow of the season

Home cooked

Why is it that coming home after a long cold day seems more satisfying when you end the day with a meal prepared at home? Even if I must clean out the fridge and fix something weird, like stir-fried broccoli, radishes and green onions with leftover meatloaf, the act of prepping and cooking something more nutricioushelps me unwind.  I don't know if it's the ritual or the fact that I know I'm eating healthier, but I like a quick meal at home better than a quick meal out most of the time.  ...more

Simply Sunday 2

 I had a peaceful image of a scenic bend in the Kentucky River I was going to post, but this thing won't let me copy and paste and I can't figure out another way to do it.  Anyway, my point was, some time spent outdoors strolling with my grandson to the creek today did wonders to restore my soul.  As did the fresh crisp air I inhaled and the bright blue sky I beheld.  Simply put this Sunday, simple joys are best. ...more

When you aren't who you were and you're glad

  Around here, people say "So and so is always the same no matter where you see them."  They mean that as a compliment.  What I think they mean by that is that  the person has a consistently pleasant and friendly personality.  Now, most of the time, I'm a pleasant and friendly personality.  But I am so not who I used to be, and it was really brought home to me tonight.  My grown daughters were looking through some old pictures of all of us when they were elementary school-aged.  ...more