Pondering a poem

                     X        by Wendell Berry...more

Waiting for a president

 I’m sitting here waiting for the first wave of election results to be posted, and I’m pretty excited.  Not that I necessarily expect my candidate to win, but because we the people get to choose. The whole democratic process is pretty amazing, really.   I heard someone say today that they’d be glad when the election is over, and I’ve said that a few times myself.Someone replied that we should be glad we’re deciding the election civilly instead of with civil war....more

Time change calls for a new soup recipe

 “To feel safe and warm on a cold wet night, all you really need is soup.”  -Laurie Colwin It isn't wet out tonight, but it is cold…and it’s dark.  Dark since about 6:30 with last night’s time change.Cold and dark seem like a good enough reason to make soup to me.  I found this recipe (and the quote above) in the latest issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine.I can’t wait to try it.  Doesn’t this sound good? Chicken and Corn Chili  2 T. olive oil...more

A different kind of shopping experience

 We decided to get up early and head toward Crab Orchard to the farm auction run by the Amish community there in Lincoln County. The auction was interesting with a separate parking lot for horses and the iconic black buggies they pull along one-lane roads. We saw bearded, hat-wearing men and women in dresses and white bonnets.  We saw their children peering bashfully at us, probably amazed at the number of people who’d invaded their rural communities to see what was for sale at the fall farm auction. ...more

95-year old WWII vet shares a few tips for living long

 I was honored to interview a 95-year old veteran of World War II this evening.  I tagged along with him and his ¨boy¨, who is 68, as they walked to the barn to feed and water their cattle.“If I’ve made these steps once, I’ve made them ten-thousand times down through the years,” said Mr. Cox, who was born on the same farm where he lives today. “I sleep about a hundred feet from where I was born.”  The only significant time he spent away home was the years he was away in service to the Army. ...more

NaBloPoMo, simple as that

 Last year I committed to posting a blog every day in the month of November on the Blog Her Publishing Network.   I´m not sure why I decided to attempt this during that particular time in my life, with our family  in the midst of a crisis, but I´m glad I did it, because now I have a better record of those eventful days.I just reread my very first NaBloPoMo post a few minutes ago, where I wrote about how simple lives can get complicated in a hurry. ...more

It's time to settle into my Woman-Cave

So many books, so little time... I've learned how incredibly easy it is to download books to Chelsea's Kindle from Amazon.  Uh-oh. (Yeah, I know. Everybody else on the planet already heard this late-breaking news.)  So in the past few days I've downloaded 3 books and read 1 and 1/2 of them.  Superstorm Sandy has provided some great weather for these sorts of activities here in middle Kentucky--even more so in eastern Kentucky where the snow is piled a foot high.  ...more

Second cutting

Few things smell sweeter than freshly mown hay drying in the sun.I’ve always liked hay-cutting seasons, which kind of remind me of canning for cattle, except the preservation doesn’t go into jars but into gigantic rolls of dried grasses. There’s satisfaction in providing for the needs of our critters as well as our families, and knowing they’ll be well fed when the snow flies....more

An evening stroll through the countryside

 These nice fall-like evenings are great for evening strolls past mown meadows, corn fields and the only tobacco patch on Station Camp Creek that I know of.I like this picture of Clay getting pushed in the stroller by his daddy with Pappy walking alongside.  Clay is one fortunate little fellow to have such a tender, patient and loving dad, and he’s doubly fortunate to have an ol’ grandpappy who’s the same. They are so cute they way the hover over him and dote on him. Two old women couldn’t do it any better. ...more

Ready for a new project

 With the garden winding down and the end of the tomatoes and green beans in sight, my mind is roving for a new fall project to take on. Several rooms of the house could use a fresh coat of paint or some redecorating or rejuvenating of some sort. I picked up the latest issue of Country Living magazine today and scanned a few pages, which was just enough to stir some creative urges--some that don’t involve food. ...more