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Welcome! On behalf of the entire community and my co-founders Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins, welcome to As BlogHer's co-founder and CEO, I work across our community of bloggers and sponsors to create opportunities for women who blog to gain additional community, exposure, education and economic empowerment.

Before I became I blogger, I was a journalist and media strategist. I've written for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Oakland Tribune, Publisher's Weekly and Frommer's, among other publications. I've launched blog networks and interactive programming for many national brands, including Hearst and Rodale magazines, E! Television/Online, HBO's Sex and the City, Knight Ridder Digital, American Lawyer Media and Glam Media.  I regularly speak about why women are the power users of Web 2.0 (and beyond) and the extraordinary citizen journalism many women and men commit online every day.

I'm a working mother who was a single parent for six years until I met Christopher Carfi (@ccarfi on Twitter). Now our Brady Bunch has three kids, two dogs and I still believe balance is baloney. Do what you love, the laundry is secondary. I look forward to meeting you around this site! You can also find me on Twitter at @lisastone and on LinkedIn at

Death of a Reluctant Lesbian - Ode to my mother

I said goodbye to my motherʼs physical form five months ago exactly - ironically today is also Gay Pride Parade day in NYC.   It's a double anniversary of sorts, as Mama passed on another very auspicious occasion, my sonʼs 11th birthday.   Despite not having parade kind of energy today, I still wanted to do something to honor my mother, and our family....more
Oh Shira, what a beautiful post. I can only imagine how proud your mother was of you.more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ruby Dee

The amazing Ruby Dee passed away a few days ago and is now mourned by countless fans. Here are some things you don't know about her..or maybe you did know, but let's take a moment to reflect on how Fabulous and Blessed she was.  ...more
Yes, the amazing and inspiring Ms. Dee. What an icon! Thanks for the reminder to get and enjoy ...more

Surrounding My Autistic Son With Community That Matters

When I think about my son's future—and that includes his future without me, seeing as autistic kids, like most kids, tend to outlive their parents—there are three things I desperately want for him: 1) I want Leo to be known and loved in his community. 2) I want Leo to be understood and accepted for who he is. 3) I want Leo's personal wishes respected. ...more
"You need to be ridiculously patient with the adults who try to work with you." Wow. Beautiful ...more

"He's Not the Sun": Cristina Yang and Barbara Walters' Last Message to Women about Having it All

Sandra Oh has left Grey's Anatomy, and frankly, now that she's gone, there is no other reason to watch the show. For me, she was the show, and for the past nine years, I only tuned in to watch how her character, Cristina Yang, would break yet another stereotype, yet another normative female behavior. And she never failed me....more
I love your post Marina, even though it doesn't resonate with my own perspective and life ...more

Kerry Washington Gave Birth to Baby Isabelle Amarachi on April 21!

Congratulations, Kerry! Multiple sources are reporting that the Scandal star (and BlogHer '14 Keynote Speaker, can you believe it?) Kerry Washington gave birth to a baby girl WEEKS AGO, on April 21, 2014. ...more
Classy, classy, classy. I was just on the phone with a reporter who asked me what advice I give ...more

Plus-Size Woman Wears Bikini in Miami; World Does Not End

"It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes." ~Sally Field ...more
HEADLINE: Covergirls @heatherbarmore@lenadunham take back the beach. Long ...more

Touching Cover of "I Touch Myself" to Inspire Breast Self-Exam: Singer's Last Wish

A year ago in April, new wave rockstar Chrissy Amphlett of the Divinyls died from breast cancer at the age of 54.  Like me, you've probably sung along with her on their 1990 hit "I Touch Myself,"  or at least added it to a mixtape now and again. ...more
Oh @DebRox, wonderful post. I just Tweeted out to @TheGrammys and suggested they create a new ...more

US Airways' Social Media Team Had a VERY Bad Day

US Airways committed the blunder of all Twitter blunders today, when someone on its social media team tweeted something inappropriate. I don't even know if I can tell you what it was, because my mother-in-law tells me not to share anything on the Internet that I wouldn't tell my grandma. And I simply cannot imagine telling my grandmother that US Airways tweeted a photo of a model airplane in a vagina....more
@FireMom, seriously, since it IS #Pulitzer day, I nominate you for a special mention for a ...more

Suicide Is Not Selfish

I don’t want to hear another person say that suicide is “selfish”....more
Feminista, thank you for this prayer: "Karyn, I’m sorry for all that you endured that pushed you ...more

RIP Karyn Washington, Founder of For Brown Girls and #DarkSkinRedLip

Karyn Washington, the inspirational founder of the blog For Brown Girls, committed suicide on April 8, according to Madame Noire. She was only 22. Stunned. #KarynWashington...more
Tragic. My heart is breaking for her and her family and friends.more