Lisa Weldon

I’m Lisa Weldon, a 60-year-old Atlanta woman, who walked every square mile of Manhattan last summer and every arrondissement of Paris this past September. Why??

With my last child off to college, I was facing a new chapter. I could either slow down and enjoy life. Or I could grab ‘hold of it and run like the devil.

Needless to say, I tore off with my wishlist: I wanted to (1) live in NYC, (2) revitalize my advertising career and (3) surround myself with young people.

I found the perfect scenario in a month-long course at Parsons. But just 10 days before it was to begin, the course was cancelled. Instead I found a tutor, cut the map of Manhattan into 20 equal pieces and started walking. I put my learning into action by sharing my walks through social media, the new tools of my trade.

 Who’da thought, but that crazy walk has been the biggest boost of my entire career.

Where next? No telling.

One thing for sure, this sistah’s not slowing down.

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Was recently honored by being named a NOLAbound participant. Twenty-five of us from across the US and within four targeted business sectors – arts-based businesses, biosciences, digital media, and sustainable industries — were invited to New Orleans to assess the city as a model of new business progress and thinking. Our observations and insights were shared with the world. In tweets alone, we reached over 2.5 million people.


Gun control would not have prevented the senseless loss at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A simple match and gas can could have been just as deadly.If we truly want to stop these incomprehensible acts, our nation must focus our energies on mental health. We must go to the root of the problem, not put a politically-charged band-aid on the hardware used.Twenty children, all innocent little first-graders – dead.  Seven women, among them mothers, teachers and a principal. Gone. The 20-year-old shooter, a child in most of our eyes, is lost, too. An entire nation in shock....more

I got scammed in Paris

 more on that later. I left my little Paris apartment a little after 8am and didn't return til almost 1. I figure I walked between 10 and 11 miles this morning. I planned to have a light day because the 12th arrondissement was supposed to be somewhat boring. NOT. ...more

The right-brain side of Paris

The plane leaves for Paris in 17 days, whether I’m on it or not. I keep adding to my to-do list to the point where it’s shutting me down, keeping me up at night. I can hardly accomplish one task before adding three more....more

My Control Key Quit Working

I spent all day yesterday helping my daughter move to a new apartment. Cleaning bathrooms, hanging up clothes and shower curtains. Got home at almost 11pm, dog tired. I allowed myself to sleep til almost noon, something I don't remember doing since my 20s. I was still groggy.Coffee in hand, I stumbled to my desk to check email. As I set down my mug, I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. My brand new $70 Apple keyboard. I got a quick hint that it was going to be that kind of day.After cleaning it all up, looks like the only thing not working is the control key....more

Away from Home on the 4th of July?


Off to Paris for my 60th Birthday. Step One: Find an Apartment

Being a bit of a Mrs. Kravitz, I love peeking inside people’s homes. Open Houses, ahhh! I have an obsession when it comes to architecture and interior design. Even paint colors.So, when it comes to finding an apartment in Paris, I can waste entire days surfing.The three rental websites I’ve found most useful are: HomeAway, Airbnb, and VRBO....more

Off to Paris for my 60th Birthday. Why Am I So Afraid?

Today starts my 60-day countdown to Paris. I will spend my 60th birthday month, walking every arrondissement, or neighborhood, of that glorious city.A debilitating fear has set in. I’ve talked about this 30-day trip to Paris now for over a year. I’ve saved the money. Now that it’s time to book my airline ticket, fear is literally shutting me down....more

Wearing a coconut bra is good for the soul.

I’ve got so much in common with Jimmy Buffett. He and I grew up in the same town –  Mobile, Alabama. We both went to Auburn. I’ve been to most of the haunts he sings about. I share his love of the sunshine, the Gulf Coast, and of course, good seafood. That wonderful seaside ‘have-fun’ attitude is as part of my DNA as it his....more
Perhaps this Parrot Head Has Partied with your sister :more

50 and Going Back To School

I'd always dreamed of moving to NY for the summer and taking a month-long course at Parson's. So while in NY on business this past November, I thought I'd swing by this famed university and check to see if they had printed their new summer catalog. I walked in the front door and to my left was a nice young girl, sitting at the desk. She was apparently one of the students, working to put herself through college. ...more
 @lisaweldon Bummer about your class. After I read this article, I saw on your own blog about ...more

Raising Teens Is Hell -- but Suddenly, It Ends

Will I survive my last year as Mom of a teen? I’d love to just flat out murder whoever advised me to have three teenagers at the same time. As I look back on my life, I will openly and publicly admit that the ten years I’ve spent mothering three teenagers were the hardest in my life....more
@MADtini One of the nicests gifts is to see them come home from college as young, independent ...more