Elizabeth Regina

I began my blog Little Bit.ch to chronicle the misadventures of my twenty-something life. From relationships to pop culture, I enjoy writing about it all!

I'm almost on your radar (but not quite).


Why I Don't Hate Valentine's Day (Anymore)

Tomorrow I plan on shamelessly power clashing pink and red clothing and waiting for text messages from sexy out of my league strangers who declare their undying like for me....more

The Catholic Reflex

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about religion and spirituality; particularly my lack thereof and consequent desire to regain some kind of spiritual fulfillment. I wouldn’t consider myself an atheist by any means but I definitely don’t consider myself affiliated with any institutionalized religion....more

Treadmill for Two

I’ve never been one of those people obsessed with fitness. I live by the “see my ribs” diet - so long as I can look in the mirror and still count my ribs I figure I’m slim enough. As soon as I heard that 80% of weight loss was related to nutrition, I thought I’d forego sweating in public and stick to eating relatively healthy. When I feel bad about my lack of abs I just picspam images of JLO and Kim Kardashian in bikini’s until I feel better.   That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all of you who make going to the gym a part of your routine. I appreciate you…from a far. ...more