How have your kids changed you? {Enter to win $100}

You know, growing up and even in my early twenties I never really thought much about having kids. In fact, I don't know that I really gave it much thought until I got pregnant on my honeymoon with my first born son. And even then, the reality of the full responsibility of what you are embarking on doesn't fully hit you until you walk out of the door of the hospital, with a new baby in tow and no one stops you....more

what i made for Monday -jumble cookies {aka overload cookies}

I was craving a cookie with some serious personality....more

a little of lately for you!

I know it's been sparse here lately!...more

Lent Focus:Organize, de-clutter and breath a little better {#lbf40in40}

I know that the first day of Lent is nearly over but I wanted to give you a nice little boost, it's never too late to get started....more

how to make a pet bed from an old suitcase! {totally random how-to}

I feel like this might be the most random how-to post I've ever done!...more

building confidence {how to build ourselves UP!}

Good Monday morning to you! I wasn't planning a post this morning but I felt strongly that some of you could stand to hear what I needed to hear myself. I started this year with a mission....more

free printable Friday {Proverbs 3:3}

This morning was a low one, little things just make you sad all over about the loss of someone, you know?...more

gettin' stuff done {some tips on time management}

I've been asked on more than one occasion to share some of my favorite tips on time management, a topic I actually LOVE!...more

Together box {family fun and a coupon code!}

Recently I was sent a sample from Together Box, a fun, family friendly company whose purpose is to set you up for hours of family fun!...more

Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion {and another chance to win $1000!}

Hopefully by now you've come to trust my reviews, especially when it comes to everyday products....more