Parenting Super Powers

Since becoming a mom, my priorities have shifted quite a bit. Instead of thinking of my own needs first, I now spend my time caring for my baby and keeping him alive day in & day out. To some, this might seem easy, but I find myself tapping into my "supermom" powers to get me through the day.Multi-tasking ....more

July Goals

And just like that, we're half way through the year!...more


Honestly, the last six years have been some of the best and worst of our lives. We've laughed together, cried together, celebrated together, & mourned together. We've faced situations neither of us ever imagined and yet our love & faith still remains strong ....more

Dear Calvin // Two Months

Dear Calvin,I can only describe this last month together as a roller coaster. It might be my new mama emotions lingering, but it felt like every one of our triumphs was followed with a tough struggle or two. Oh sweet baby boy.. ....more

Flying with a Baby

Last week, we - my husband, myself, and our six week old son - took our first family vacation. Across the country. On an airplane.Are we crazy? ...more

June Goals

If I could sum the month of May in one word, it would be survival. Most days we (Calvin + I) didn't get out of our pajamas. The day light hours were spent hunkered down on the couch getting to know one another (+ feeding/changing diapers a lot) & at night we just rocked + prayed for a few continuous hours of sleep ....more

Stitch Fix #7 (Postpartum Edition)

My latest Stitch Fix arrived just a couple weeks after Calvin. This was on purpose.If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, read more about it here. Part of me was nervous to be trying on clothes mere days after giving birth, but I made sure to request items that would fit this current lifestyle of mine, which is one of my top tips when it comes to Stitch Fix because it's worked so well for myself through several fixes.I knew bottoms were going to be trouble and needed items that would transition well for feeding, so in the notes section I made sure to request open cardigans, button down shirts, and loose fitting tops and this fix delivered all three!Besides being clear with what you want to receive, another tip I'd suggest when scheduling your next Stitch Fix is to continue to update your Pinterest style board....more

Dear Calvin: One Month

Dear Calvin,Hooray! We have survived our first month together!It feels silly to type that out, but honestly this feels like a big accomplishment. Six months ago, I wasn't sure if we would even be able to celebrate this milestone with you, but here we are!Just a few weeks ago, you came into this world inquisitive & pretty quiet and we've watched as you've taken in this big world with your beautiful steel blue eyes ....more

A Different Mother's Day

Photo by Megan Love Photography This Mother's Day already feels different than my first two...Two years ago, we had just found out we were pregnant with Charlotte and actually shared the news with Sam's extended family on Mother's Day that year.And last year, five months after we said good-bye to our Charlotte, I struggled with letting anyone recognize me as a mother since we were childless and was so very sad & angry that I didn't have my baby girl to hold in my arms.This year, I find myself both happy & sad when I think about the two lives who have made me a mom... obviously so thankful to have Calvin here in our arms, but still missing Charlotte every single day! So today, as you spend this holiday celebrating the mothers in your lives, I ask that you remember those who may not look like a mother because they don't have a child physically in their arms.Celebrate them.Love on them.It's okay that you don't have to have the "right things" to say, just honor them too!Happy Mother's Day! ...more

Introducing: Calvin Philip

After our previous experience with pregnancy + birth, I guess it could be expected that we went into this one with some trepidation. And when our scheduled c-section date finally arrived, I was a big ball of emotions. Wednesday, April 16 began bright and early (4am early!) for us ....more