Mosaic Monday: Parrot Tulips

I think I may have missed the ranunculus season this year, but I managed to find some parrot tulips last week, which I promptly brought home to brighten the kitchen and ultimately to photograph. ...more

Mosaic Monday: Blue Hyacinths

Making little still life creations with old books and flowers has become sort of my "thing." ...more

Mosaic Monday: Food Photography

I had to troll through my archives this week to find something for Mosaic Monday, and I finally came up with food photography. ...more

Mosaic Monday: Happy Spring

It was a winter for the record books here in our part of New Jersey. ...more

Mosaic Monday: At the Beach

"Life is better at the beach" -- it's true. ...more

Mosaic Monday: California Fog

When we were in California a few weeks ago, we woke up one morning to a beautiful fog. ...more

Mosaic Monday: San Diego Botanical Garden, Part 2

As promised, here are some more images from our visit to the San Diego Botanical Garden. ...more

Mosaic Monday: San Diego Botanical Garden, Part 1

Driving from the airport in San Diego, the first thing that struck us was green leaves and flowers! ...more

Mosaic Monday: California Dreamin'

A week ago Saturday, we went from 14 degrees and snowy in New Jersey to 65 and sunny in southern California. ...more

Mosaic Monday: A Little Warmth

It's been so cold and snowy here in New Jersey this winter. ...more