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In July 2010 I had my daughter and now find myself a full-time mom. My husband and I didn't plan on that, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it. I both love and hate being a parent- love it because this little girl is AMAZING and a blessing; hate it because it's hard and I hate not being perfect at something. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a parent and to have my husband at my side.

Blogging has helped me make the transition from the coorporate world to the mommy world. I've found a lot of support through social networking and I know I couldn't do this parent thing without that outlet every day. I also love the time I'm able to spend teaching Pilates and Yoga outside my home for a little "me" time.

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Over the weekend...

Easter was nice this year; very low-key but we still covered all the important basics. I talked with Aspen about Christ's resurrection and what an egg hunt symbolizes. Then she got to do a two-minute...more

Something new at the zoo

I've had a Hogle Zoo pass for a really long time now, and have used it regularly. However... I've never taken Aspen inside the reptile/bat/tiny kitty exhibit ....more

Rainy Day Birchbox

My third and final Birchbox arrived this week and it's a good one! I'm probably not going to renew right now, but this has been a fun experience. The April box is all about having some fun on a rainy day so, in addition to some products to try, there is also a little "Bright Idea" card (5) with a suggestion for what to do when the weather is bad ....more

8 Months Pregnant/My Body is a Mega Jerk

It seems I've developed an aversion to drinking water. As if things haven't been weird enough this pregnancy... I dunno, I guess I'm just doing everything wrong! ...more

It is your birthday.

Well. I turned 30. And I felt so depressed about it! ...more

Deck the walls

My mom was in town a couple of weeks ago and I meant to hang this painting in the guest room before her arrival buuuut... I didn't. I managed to get it up for the following weekend though, when my sister came up again from BYU and stayed for part of General Conference.Now that I've finally painted the second coat on the entryway (which I started in July last year HA!) I can start the process of creating a gallery wall in that space ....more

New things for a new baby

Amanda offered to sew some stuff up for me so the new baby would have some new things. I'm all about the hand-me-downs (the majority of Aspen's things were already well-loved), but I think it's also nice to have a handful of items that are special and new. She took a part my old car seat cover and used it as a pattern to create this new minky/polka dot one ....more

Watercolors by Ashmae

I recently won a giveaway from xo, lauren and jane and I was so excited when the prize arrived. Three winners were chosen, and we each chose a book from those written and illustrated by Ashley Hoiland (aka Ashmae). I knew of Ashmae when she had a shop hosted on Etsy, so I was excited to see that xo was offering...more

Another day at the farm

How about this amazing week?! I have loved it, especially since at the beginning of the week Aspen had a cold and we needed an outlet for her cabin fever without spreading too many germs. We were able to hit up the farm for the millionth time this Spring and I'll tell ya what, I can relate to the piggy ....more

Knick Knacks

About a year ago, I pinned these cute little rocking birds from West Elm. When Kev and I were at City Creek last month we went into West Elm and I went gaga over the tiny salt and pepper shaker versions of these statues. Kev smiled and asked if I'd like to buy them ....more