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I'm a writer, literary translator, and long-time computer geek. I'll be writing here to give BlogHer readers an idea of what's happening in the women's blogosphere around the world; to cover technology events in relation to women in tech; and to highlight interesting bloggers in our publishing network.

Badgermama is my personal and mommyblog, where I often talk about being an "alternative parent". I blog on feminism, literature, and computer/internet stuff at Composite, and on the group blog at Feminist Science Fiction. You can buy my latest book, The WisCon Chronicles: Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction, from Aqueduct Press.  Some of my other published writing and translations are available in free downloads from


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Two quotes from "New World Border" by Guillermo Gómez-Peña. One to be avoided, the other aspired to.

"Transculture" and hybridity have different connotations for a person of color than for an Anglo American. In the conflictive history of the North/South dialogue and the multicultural debate, Americans and Europeans have often performed involuntary colonialist roles. In their desire to help, they often unknowingly become ventriloquists, impresarios, flaneurs, messiahs, or cultural transvestites. Though painful, these forms of benign colonialism must be discussed openly..."

"An ability to understand the hybrid nature of culture develops from an experience of dealing with a dominant culture from the outside. The artist who understands and practices hybridity in this way can be at the same time an insider and an outsider, an expert in border crossings, a temporary member of multiple communities, a citizen of two or more nations. S/he performs multiple roles in multiple contexts. At times s/he can operate as a cross-cultural diplomat, as an intellectual coyote (smuggler of ideas) or a media pirate. At other times s/he assumes the role of nomadic chronicler, intercultural translators, or political trickster. S/he speaks from more than one perspective, to more than one community, about more than one reality. His/her job is to trespass, bridge, interconnect, reinterpret, remap, and redefine; to find the outer limits of his/her culture and cross them."


The bottom of my ramblin’ shoes

I had ambitions today to be intellectually productive but am still convalescing from this annoying cold. Since I don’t have a fever and am getting better, I went back on immunosuppressants. This weekend I had a fantastic time with friends including Els from Vancouver who is on a book tour for Purim Superhero and who has regaled us with her children’s librarian ukelele songs! ...more

Walking through early bug triage

Here is a good example of a bug that went through several stages of triaging: Scrolling a page up leaves residue in GTK slider. I would like to walk through what happens in triaging this bug. Blow by blow report! ...more

Bug history and conversations

David Baron wrote an interesting post recently, Moving bug history out of the primary display of a bug report. I have noticed this problem in Bugzilla, that even if a bug is “ready to be fixed” or has patches submitted it is necessary to read through 5, 10, or 50 comments to understand what is supposed to happen next (if anything). dbaron proposes that the main page of a bug report should show its current state. What is true about ...more

Book roundup: Bitterblue, Simoqin, Three Felonies a Day

Quick notes on some books I’ve read recently. I have laryngitis (still!!!) and it seems to be worsening rather than getting better. So I will write rather than talk. ...more

My job, told with Up-Goer Five text editor

Today I had fun reading xkcd’s Up Goer Five cartoon and then playing with the Up Goer Five text editor. I tried describing my new job: ...more

A few words on Aaron’s death, and sadness

I am very sad about Aaron Swartz’s death. We spent last weekend just devastated and in shock, then went to his funeral in Chicago. The shared sadness united us all. I feel for his family and his partner Taren. Aaron’s father spoke at his funeral, and his defense lawyer, one of his brothers, and many friends and colleagues. Larry Lessig’s words about feeling protective especially brought me to tears ....more

Bugzilla quicksearch, or else!

Here is a fabulous tip if you are messing around in and are searching for bugs. As, by now, as a reader of my blog, you should be. You can search Bugzilla right from the location bar. I cannot quite bring myself to say “Awesome bar” as people do at Mozilla because I’ve said “location bar” for many years, and it feels silly. First you will need to be logged in to a Bugzilla account! Right(command)-click in the ...more

Thrills, chills, filters, and bugmail

Any bugmail at all is probably way too much bugmail. That means you will need to set up some structures to filter it! This explanation may be useful for anyone interested in contributing to Mozilla — especially bugmasters, triagers, and developers. Even if you don’t use the same email setup, there’s some good tips ....more

Twiddling my email, calendar, irc, and phone notification settings

Calendar and email notifications may sound very boring but they has engrossed me for at least an hour. For the first time in life I have a work laptop and a personal laptop. For the last 10+ years I’ve come into a job with an existing laptop which I use seamlessly for work and personal stuff. So far, I like having less “personal” things on my work laptop. It is especially nice not to have the distraction of personal email ...more

Furminate her!

Had tea with yarnivore and friends yesterday during a weekend of rain, cold, and sick kids. I told her about the awesome, awesome book Home Life in Colonial Days and she talked about spinning. I can’t knit, as it hurts my hands too much, but am something of a knitting/textile/ravelry fangirl. ...more