Laurie K. Meher

My name is Laurie K. Meher.  I am a holistic nutritionist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have a passion for family planning. I help couples with supportive nutrition as they plan for a family, after baby arrives and into the school years.

My husband and I live in Roncesvalles, a  community in the West-End of Toronto, Ontario.  We have a son who was born late February 2008.  I have made his baby food from the start.  Some people think it’s a little over the top that I make my own Goldfish Cookies and feed my son rapini, spelt bread and blueberries.  I am hoping that by giving my son a large variety of foods from the very beginning he will develop a love for good whole foods.  I am sure there will be a time when he wants McDonald’s, but you can be sure I won’t be the one taking him there!

I hope with my blog I can share information on baby and toddler food and some recipes I have developed and found.  If you are looking for specific information, just send me a note I would be happy to help!  If you try any of my recipes and they work or don’t work, please let me know so I can improve upon the ones that didn’t work so well and share the successes!