Lauren Marie Fleming

Lauren Marie Fleming a.k.a. Queerie Bradshaw
Writer. Speaker. Consultant. Instructor. Sexpert with a law degree. I think you're a Big Deal. Frisky Feminists and Politiqueers. 
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I'm putting the finishing touches on Losing It, my memoir about being a sex blogger in law school and Simple Street, my young adult romance noel about life and love as a queer person of color in a rural farming town. If you'd like updates on when these are available, please subscribe to my book updates mailing list.

How to Get A Literary Agent, or What I Learned These Past Six Months

I HAVE AN AGENT!I've been waiting to say those words for years. YEARS. Like twenty of them. Sure, when I was ten, the agent I wanted was one for child actors, but the fact that an agent brought legitimacy to an artistic career was something I recognize at an early age.Sure enough, the minute I got an agent, people who had thought this writing thing was just something I said I did to avoid a "real" employment, started referring to writing as my job. Only "legitimate" writers get agents....more

What I Wish I Had Known Three Months Before My First BlogHer Conference

If there's a way to do BlogHer wrong, I did just that last year.I signed up at the last minute, paid too much for rush shipping of bad business cards, didn't look into any other bloggers before I went and really had no idea what this whole Twitter thing was. I made almost every mistake in the blogging conference book.Lessons learned, I'm heading to BlogHer '12 with less desparation and more preparation, and I'm here to share that wisdom with BlogHer newbies and alums alike....more
Hi Lauren!  I am so glad I found this!  I am going for my first time and I am nervous abou it. ...more