Sharon is an entrepreneur who has been in education for 15 years.She has been independent for 10 years. She works to help women further their education and expand their futures. She started a non-profit called Amazing Women Center 8 years ago to mentor women to discover and develop their God-given talent. She encourages women to live fuller, healthier lives.

The wife of a retired military soldier, she has recieved a diploma in Ministry from Arthur Blessit University and graduated from Pikes Peak Women's Initiative Program. Sharon has been awarded the “Building Community through Culture” multiple times and the”Army Appreciation for Support” for the work she has done to enrich the community.   

Crafting With Diabetes, Second Installment

I began accepting my disease as something I would have to live with.  Controlling my diabetes was a very long learning curve. Actually, I'm still learning. It was a big adjustment, and I've found that adapting to six small meals a day has presented its own set of problems.As for exercising, don't even mention it. When I was a young girl, I played tennis, but that was forever ago. Right now I have a membership at a local gym, but I never seem to make it that far. I try to just do one physical thing a day. ...more

Crafting With Diabetes, The Beginning

Did you ever think that you would have to find a way to go about life again? To try and understand how best to work again? As a woman over 40, coping with the onset of diabetes, I had to readjust my whole life....more