Kate Johnson

My name is Kate Johnson. I am a mom of four children: Isabelle, Jackson and Sophie and our not-so-brand new baby, Beatrice. My husband brings home the paycheck, but I don't have a job other than the typical slave labor expected of all mothers. For this back breaking work I am paid a meager king's ransom of hugs and kisses. I am a devoted movie goer and reader, wannabe novelist and fashionista. I love sarcasm, television and my children. Not necessarily in that order.

My Blogs

Self Serving

I don't make my kids breakfast....more

Spoiler Alert

*note: this post contains complaints about spoilers. And also actual spoilers. Consider yourself warned* Can we all agree there a certain people out there who ruin it for everyone? ...more

Karma 101

Jack is mean to Sophie. He has been mean to her pretty much since she was old enough to play with, and not just regular sibling mean. He can be very cruel to her, and he takes every opportunity to put her down, or insult her, or just generally let it be known how much he doesn't like her ....more

Up The Creek Without A Paddle(brush)

I always have a plan. Not so much a life plan. Or a work plan ....more

Award Winning Artiste

A few months ago the assignment in Isabelle's art class was to draw a bird of some sort on sandpaper using oil pastels. ...more

Out Like A Lamb

Let's do away with any pretense that I'm keeping up with my New Years resolutions, shall we? March was characterized by a complete abandonment of any attempts at self improvement, and I have the messy house and belly blubber to prove it. ...more

Open Letter To The Parents On Frozen

Dear Mr and Mrs King of Arendelle: I hate to speak ill of the dead, but seriously, you guys were terrible parents. I mean sure, you seemed to love your kids and all, but really, did you ever take the time away from tending matters in the kingdom to really talk to them? ...more

In The Raw

I briefly studied photography in college (on actual film, so it's super relevant now), and as the only person documenting our children growing up I'm very interested in improving my skills. ...more

Rosy Cheeks

Last night, after a lovely dinner at my parents house for which we let the kids stay up extra late (8pm, rebels), we were rushing around getting everyone in jammies and teeth brushed. My husband was busy on the phone answering a survey about the body work we just had done on our car (seriously, I'm home ALL day and you don't call until 8pm? Weird), and I was changing Bebe's diaper and getting her into her sleep sack ....more

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Pukes Their Guts Out

Sunday morning, very early, Isabelle appeared at my bedside saying she didn't feel well. ...more