Lorraine Devon Wilke

Writer, photographer, rock & roll vet, Lorraine Devon Wilke, has built her eclectic career along many avenues of the creative arts. Along with her columns at the Huffington Post and Addicting Info, she can be found dispensing sass and sensibility at her personal blog, Rock+Paper+Music. She is a regular columnist at the award-winning newspaper, The Ferndale Enterpriseand recently completed her first novel, After the Sucker Punch.

With one screenplay produced earlier in her career (
To Cross the Rubicon), two others awarded by the Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Competition, and one recently chosen as a top Finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Contest, she continues in the field, developing projects as well as providing story consulting and script doctoring.
She also writes and consults with a variety of entertainment and media companies, provides content for web designers and online magazines. 

Her original CD,
Somewhere On the Way, put her words into music and can be found at CDBaby.comand ITunes, and her photographs are featured on the walls and websites of many. Galleries and prints can be viewed and purchased at Lorraine Devon Wilke...Fine Art Photography.  

For details, music and photos visit 

Why American Women Hate Their Faces and What They Could Learn From the Brits

One cannot watch the Oscars -- or any grand Hollywood event -- and not be swept up in the fashion, the pageantry, the suspense, the... cringe-worthy sport of seeing just which aging actress has ruined her face.Seriously, I sit and watch these things and wonder out loud: "Why do American women hate their faces so much?" Because they must, right? They would have to be filled with such loathing to make the inexplicable decision to take what we typically call our "calling cards" -- our faces -- and mutilate them to the degree so many do....more