Louise Pool

Growing up in Japan, with a Seychellois mother who was raised in India, I was bred on tales of magic and mysticism. These stories fuelled my already overactive imagination and made it easy for me to believe the outrageous. It's the more mundane things in life I mistrust. From my father, I learnt to "dream big". He left Switzerland for India to follow a dream and found many pots of gold on his life journey. I am still following rainbows with some success. Amongst the pots of gold I have found are my two spirited children, many well-meaning people, plenty of laughs and divine colours, smells, sounds and tastes.

I cannot commit to any one life path, but I am very committed to experiencing, learning, growing and following as many of my passions as possible. There are now many words for us: sparkler, scanner, polymath and multipotentiate are amongst the new descriptions for people like me. Basically, in my case, this means I am no longer called irresponsible or scattered, but am now licensed by society to be a Jill of all trades and pursue as many interests as I like... Sooo, I tour guide, I write (yes, there IS a novel in the works), I make art and I pursue personal growth. 
My motto? Choose joy today and everyday!

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