a Love a fare

I believe healthy eating is a lifestyle, and I work to make recipes that look and taste good and are good for you.  I have been creating and publishing recipes since 2002, when I founded the newsletter, “Love a fare”.  Today it has evolved into my website, “a Love a fare” (www.aloveafare.com), which is frequently featured here on Blogher, Healthy Aperture, Food Gawker, and Taste Spotting. I have a certificate in Catering and Gourmet Cooking, and was a recipe tester for Jorj Morgan.  Eating healthy makes me feel good inside and out. It's a passion I am happy to have in my life. 

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cake Bites

Soft-baked cake bites made with chocolate chips. Serve with some plain yogurt for a tasty gluten free treat. This is my first attempt at baking with coconut flour. I bought some about a month ago and wasn’t sure what I was going to make. That bag sat in the cabinet taunting me for weeks. I felt a bit intimidated because I do not like making mistakes. It’s a bit of a personality quirk. Let’s keep this between us. ...more

Light Lemon-Dill Rice

This lemon-dill rice makes a quick and easy side for whatever your weeknight has in store. ...more

Quick and Easy Power Kefir Bowl

A breakfast powered up with crunchy sunflower seeds, protein filled kefir,  vitamin c packed blueberries, and the rest. I predict you’ll want to make this.I had some reservations about posting this recipe. I thought you might think it’s too easy and it would not count as an official recipe. I know self doubt will get you nowhere. ...more

Easy Broccoli Pancakes and Gouda Salad

Store bought broccoli pancakes make this meal done in under 20 minutes. Just what I need some days. I like the way this meal comes together. Quick and easy is on the agenda this week. You won’t be sweating in the kitchen putting this together. ...more

Just 7 Ingredients: Quinoa Crunch Granola

Quinoa and oats are combined to give this granola a lovely crunch you’re sure to enjoy.  Are you ready to make a 7-ingredient granola that has a crunch you can sink your teeth into?  ...more

30 Minute Saucy Ground Beef and Vegetables

A one pot meal made in 30 minutes. I’m in!So I bought some lean ground beef today. Now this is a big deal because I don’t buy it often, maybe once a month or so. Because of this I want to do it justice.One thing I really like is red sauce. I found a lovely recipe for it on ActivewearUSA....more

Healthy Honey Corn Fritters

These corn fritters are not too sweet with a nice brown coating. They make a great Summer side dish. ...more

Ground Turkey Ravioli

Wonton wrappers stuffed with ground turkey make for easy ravioli any night of the week. ...more

Vegan Blueberry Oat Cookies

Chewy, full of blueberries, oats, and lots of good stuff. These soft-baked cookies do a good job of standing in for breakfast or served up as a healthy snack. ...more

Pineapple and Spinach Smoothie

Light green and sweetened with pineapple. This green smoothie is refreshing and has a frothy top. Serves 1-2Ingredients...more