Ashley Pariseau


Think Women Really Like "Bad Boys"? Think Again

The other day my guy and I went swimming in our friend’s pool. We often have our friend’s phone hooked up to speakers so we can listen to music and have a good time. We are floating about as we usually do and this song comes on the playlist, and the main lyric was something like, “Why do all the good girls like bad boys?” OK, so we had never heard this song before and it wasn't our cup o’ tea, but it was some kind of pop-punk band and it got our attention. So the guy sings, “Why do all the good girls like bad boys?” Right after we heard this line, my guy says, “They don’t....more
Amen sister. The second to last paragraph are almost my words exactly. I couldn't agree more ...more

Confession: I used to be a slut shamer

Slut. Whore. Ho bag. Skank.These are things I often thought and sometimes said out loud against others sexuality active girls when I was growing up....more

Feel Alive

(It’s been a while since I’ve written, but this came to me last night while trying to fall asleep. I spent the entire work shift trying to remember it)…I wish everyone could love the way they lookGenuinely love themselvesFind inner peaceI wish everyone had something to look forward toRealized their full potentialCould reach their dreamsI wish everyone had loving family and friendsWould make room in their heart for forgivenessHad people they could trust...more

Dirt Pudding

My all time favorite dessert would have to be Dirt Pudding. I figured everyone has heard of this and tried it but I have actually ran into a surprising number of people who don’t know what it is. Basically if you like pudding, and you like Oreo cookies, you should enjoy this. A bonus is that it’s super easy to make, takes maybe 15-20 minutes, no real cooking involved.For years this has been something I looked forward to at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but a few weeks ago I just got a craving and decided I wasn’t going to wait and I made it myself....more

Things of which you are not obliged

It can be easy to get caught up in standards set forth by society. Every day  we hear a plethora of messages of what we should look like, behave like, think like, what we should believe, how we should eat, sleep, breath, and live our lives, and it’s usually in the name of how we should be to please other people.Well allow me to offer a friendly reminder …You are not obliged to be attractive.You are not obliged to be healthy.You are not obliged to be skinny.You are not obliged to have curves....more

Blogger Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves, and sometimes it's nice to get them off your chest. The blogosphere is a large part of my daily online routine. I read a lot of blogs and have come across quite a few things that some bloggers do that irritate me, so without further ado, here are my blogger pet peeves.1. Dub anyone who disagrees with them as a troll2. When they make multiple posts dedicated to their trolls and how much they don't care what anyone thinks...more