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I'm a mom of two, a magazine editor and writer, a do-er, a dreamer, a professional snacker. In my "spare" time I write a blog, Love That Max, about raising kids with special needs who kick butt. 

No Misery: This Is Autism, Suzanne Wright

This is my autistic son Leo, my husband, and me, right around the time Leo was being evaluated for autism. And, just to hedge our bets on the Original Sin matter, being baptized. Obviously, we were miserable. Can't you tell by the way Leo is laughing? ...more
Powerfully said. It is beyond comprehension that a leader behind a major group that purports to ...more

What are some topics that are really on your mind these days?

What are some topics that are really on your mind these days? During the conference we want to talk about some of the overarching issues that we each encounter as bloggers in the special needs world, so we'd love to hear those, but if you have a more personal or specific issue you can share that too.Best-Jenwww.jennyalice.comwww.ThinkingAutismGuide.com...more
So thrilled to be spearheading the state of the 'sphere with you! Looking forward to hearing the ...more

Special Kids Need Adult Role Models

Leo's kind of autism is not subtle. It's intense. He's not much for speaking, or reacting to questions in expected ways -- though he usually does hear what's said, and respond in his own way. Sometimes his autism means exuberant whooping and galloping in great big circles with no concern for social propriety. Many people assume Leo wouldn't have much in common with Zoe, an autistic college student -- probably because Zoe can speak in a more typical manner than Leo. That doesn't mean she's not autistic -- it means others don't always perceive the effort she puts into communicating and getting through her day....more
@shannonrosa this is seriously excellent (and Leo is seriously adorable, and if he and Max ever ...more

My Autistic Son's Life: Not Less Valuable

Obviously, I'm feeling angry and confrontational. Explosively so. With good reason: George Hodgins, a young autistic man from my son's school, was murdered by his mother Elizabeth (who then committed suicide) earlier this month. Mainstream media reports have focused almost exclusively on how difficult life was for his mother, framing parents killing disabled children as an understandable tragedy, while parents killing typical children is considered a preventable tragedy. And I am telling you right now, it doesn't matter how difficult parenting is, a parent killing their child is never justifiable....more
Beautifully and powerfully said, @Shannon Des Roches Rosa . You make excellent points about the ...more

Announcing the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year!...more

...I'm going to remind him I'm a BlogHer Voice of the Year. :)

Thank you so much. I am really ...more

Special Needs Community Outrage: Where are the Marissa's Bunny iPads?

I spent yesterday morning at a local university, participating in an autism study. Part of the study was an interview about my experience as an autism parent -- including whether there were any benefits to my son Leo's autism diagnosis. "Absolutely," was my immediate reply, "We have become part of an amazing community -- full of people who support, understand, and trust each other unreservedly." But what happens when someone in our special needs parenting community abuses that trust? That's what many of us are worried about, after the Marissa's Bunny Foundation solicited donations from parents of kids with special needs for the chance to win iPads -- and those iPads never materialized....more

Excellent post, Shannon. This story has taken over my head and heart for the last few days. I ...more

BlogHer '11 Voices of the Year Submissions: Wide Open!

The phrase "instant classic" is an oxymoron – after all, a classic is something whose excellence has stood the test of time. But it’s descriptive, and we know an instant classic when we see one. And the BlogHer tradition now known as Voices of the Year was an instant classic the moment the curtain closed on the first one three years ago. ...more

I would come to a Voices of the Year CONFERENCE!

Tech-powers-that-be, I accidentally ...more

Palm Springs Easters With Elvis

Elvis has always been with our family. While courting my husband Seymour, I re-routed romantic cross-country road trips through Memphis so we could visit Graceland, then Tupelo so we could visit The King's birthplace. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Las Vegas -- me in a red Marilyn Monroe dress, Seymour in a medicine shirt -- renewing our vows with Elvis as the officiant. Our tween daughter spent years insisting to anyone who would listen that Elvis was alive, since when she was five she saw The King in all his gold lamé splendor, holding up a sign to promote a local gas station -- and nothing could convince her he was gone, not even her dad's stories of how his August 17th seventh birthday was derailed by Elvis's August 16th death. Elvis is part of our family soundtrack....more

I don't listen to much Elvis lately, but I grew up listening to him, like Ms. UDG above. When ...more

Seriously, How Much Sleep Do You Get?

"Are you wearing different makeup? I like it!" a colleague said. "Your skin's got this glow, what are you doing to it?" asked a friend. ...more

...is that I'm writing this at 1:15 a.m. Melissa and Ellen, we could do a conference ...more

What Happens When You Ask People Not to Say "Retard"

Let's say you have a child with disabilities who has cognitive delays, and when people jokingly use the word "retard" to call someone stupid, it bothers you. Let's say that in honor of Spread The Word To End The Word day, you decide to do a little project: For a few days you will message people on Twitter who use the word "retard" and let them know the r-word is derogatory to people with disabilities. You don't actually expect the word to disappear anytime soon or that people will instantly chop it out of their vocabularies. But maybe, just maybe, you can raise a little awareness. ...more

I have to tell everyone, I was afraid to read the comments here. I know BlogHer has a community ...more