The Purple Dress

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.A little girl, with a cheap-ass father.Realistically, I don't actually know that this is true. It's true in the sense that it's how I remember my childhood. Anything I really wanted was too expensive, and a "suitable" replacement was found at the local dollar store. I was the poorly dressed, sloppy child, with out the confidence to wear it well.In today's terms, you would say I was a victim of bullying. Although, in the past twenty years, I really haven't looked back at that. I like to think I'm truly fabulous....more

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Proposition 62, Abortion, and Your Birth Control Pill

Hi! I'm new here. It's nice to be here.Let me begin by pissing all of you off. I'm Heather, and I'm pro-life.  I've believed that abortion should be illegal my entire God-given life. You can all hate me now....more