Lynn Louise Wonders

On a foundation of the philosophy and practice of Mindfulness, I am a "tour guide" for people who choose to jump into the journey of self discovery, healing, growing through life-changes whether these changes are thrust upon them or by choice. I provide instruction and guidance in the practices of meditation, gentle yoga and the daily practice of Mindfulness. As a licensed therapist, I utilize traditional methods of cognitive behavioral therapy with a generous peppering of other modalities to create customized plans for recovery, healing and growth for my clients.  

Having started out with a specialty in play therapy with preschool age children and parenting coaching, I now teach preschool teachers and parents how to support the emotional needs of young children. I provide supervision and training for therapist in the process of working toward certification in play therapy and I provide training in professional ethics for other therapists. 
My work with women has expanded into offering weekend women's retreats on a mountain top in beautiful Ellijay, GA.  These retreats offer a sacred space and opportune time for women to step out of what often feels like grind of daily life and experience a sense of respite, rejuvenation and a re-focusing on what really matters...
I'm an author having published numerous articles on the subject of parenting and child development as well as on the subjects of mindfulness practice. I am currently working on a book to be published in 2013 about the journey of mindfulness.  
Recently completed a special certification program in functional nutrition I will soon be offering a nutritional counseling component to my services.  This will add another layer of support for my clients and students, offering  education and guidance with regard to incorporating organic vegetables and fruits into daily diet as a means of supporting our emotional and mental health.
In my personal life I am a button-poppin'-proud mama to three truly amazing kids. My oldest is in college, one on high school and one in middle school.  I'm married to a truly great man with who supports all of my professional work with equal passion to mine.

Supporting Children After Sandy Hook Tragedy

Tragic events happen in the world every day and with today's age of information technology images and reports are readily available on television and social media. Twenty first graders were killed by a gunman in their classroom and now their faces are posted all over Facebook, Instagram and the local and national news. It's on the radio. It's what we are talking about in public and in private. This makes it impossible to avoid talking to our children about what happened....more

Mindfulness, Heartache and Horror: Reflections on the Sandy Hook Tragedy

The news of the horrific tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut yesterday has been an earthquake... shaking and cracking the very foundation of what we thought we knew and believed. It is a call to awaken to this day, this moment and look life and love and loss and pain squarely in the face....more

Mindful Parenting: Encourage Kids Rather than Praise or Criticize

As a therapist for children and parenting support provider, I like to help parents be very clear about their vision and purpose when considering how they interact with their children.  It is my desire to assist parents in being mindful, being present, being intentional in the way we go about raising and guiding our children....more