The life I’m living

I walked down Michigan Avenue tonight in the dark, the fairy lights and the big Christmas tree winking at me. It is somewhere between cold and warm this evening and I left my red pea coat open, letting the breeze cool off my skin which was hot from walking a city mile with my arms full of shopping bags. I finished off my holiday gift chores here in Chicago ....more

These Days

Today I wish I was a stay-at-home mom. When I was one, way back when we first moved to Chambana and Emmie was just 18 months old, I was totally lost. I didn’t know what to do when she was napping, I didn’t know how many more games of patty-cake or baby dolls I could play while she was awake ....more

Swimmer of the month

She looked dejected when she came in the door. Dragging her swim bag behind her, she shrugged when I asked her how practice went. “It was OK, I guess,” she said ....more

Data Dump

I feel so backed up, it’s been too long since I’ve written anything, anywhere, that had any real meaning but the fact of the matter is, I feel like I’ve lost my voice. There’s plenty to say, plenty to talk about. But I can’t get it out ....more

The day after

When I was 12 years old, my dad took me, my best friend and my little sister to see Duran Duran at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, on a school night. I was so excited. It was the pinnacle of my life to date—I mooned over that band like they were the second coming ....more

One Paragraph, Part 2

Old friends are here today, people I haven’t seen since the eve of my 18th birthday, the night my parents went out on the town to say goodbye to the city we’d come to love. As quickly as the dream began, it was over—in three weeks we’d be leaving the U.K. and heading back to the states. Me, to college, a miserable first-year experience that set the tone for the remainder of my time in Boston ....more

One Paragraph

The rain today put us all in a bad mood, even though we were ready for a break from the beach. Yesterday, the ocean looked like a huge sheet being shaken out; roll upon roll upon undulating roll of waves hitting the shore. The littlest one was determined to defeat the surf, marching headlong (headstrong) into the white foam ....more

Living Dangerously, Redux

A long time ago, I brazenly decided to stop being so cautious. I wrote what I wanted, lived how I wanted, threw myself into my life and career with what seemed like dangerous abandon. In fact, I called it my year of living dangerously ....more

Summertime and the livin’ is uneasy

Oh, friends. What happens when you take a person well-known for her own personal naval gazing (some might say narcissism but to those people I say bite me) and you add in a serious health scare? I’ll tell you what ....more

Why I Let My Son Stay Home Today

I woke up before 6 a.m. with a pain spread across my lower back, a leftover from the last three months of physical trauma I endured after a hysterectomy that went terribly wrong ....more