Marie-Chantale Turgeon

I am m-c. I am a artist, communicator and life explorer. I am interested in people, life, technology, and the creative potential of web publishing tools. I run meïdia, a creative studio using Drupal, and Creacamp, a gathering about arts, craft and technology for women.

Letting go

I've been lately asking the universe for changes. Changes outside - more movement, excitement, aliveness - and changes inside me. I've been working on shining light on some of the beliefs which keep me away from the outside changes i wish to see, so i can transform these same beliefs and move on. ...more

The thing one needs most

“I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact. Everything I designed was unnecessary. I will definitely give up in two years’ time. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself …design is a dreadful form of expression…. ...more

Monday collage inspiration


Be Brave

Image by David Horvitz. About this entry This entry was previously posted on my blog at: ...more

Master of your time

"Change doesn't happen because of how we invest our money. Change happens because of how we invest our human energy, and it always has since we came down from the trees. Everyone's got a margin of discretionary energy -- ten percent, twenty percent -- that isn't used up making their way in the world. That's the energy that's available for social change." Daniel Taylor of Future Generation. Via. ...more

Green and inspiring

I've been writing some weeks ago about my researches to find the best of green clothing for kids. Here are some newly found items among the cutest and most inspiring ones, some i wish could also be wore by adults! ...more

Creative Fire

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So happy to read that!!

thank you!!

Your daily dose of inspiration, for late ...more

New of my artwork for sale in my Etsy shop

I've got 10 sets of illustration magnets for sale in my Etsy shop. Each set has 10 1" magnets made from my original hand-drawn illustrations. Buy them directly on Etsy, or email me :) ** About this entry ** This entry was previously posted on my blog at: ...more

The luxury of rest

To Slow Down is a must, and if i omit, my body does remember me. ...more

Shaking China

The support for Tibet is growing, awareness for the real picture is trying to reach masses. “One World, One Dream” is China's Olympic slogan. But the reality of China's occupation of Tibet is a nightmare. Right now thousands of Tibetans are being arbitrarily detained, beaten and killed for speaking out for freedom. ...more