Gone Houseboatin'

Life has been crazy and exciting and overwhelming and wonderful lately. Every day this week has been a mini adventure full of highs and lows, butterflies and anxiety, laughter and tears. I can't wait to process them and write them out in words that are more coherent than my current thoughts, but for now I'm off to spend the weekend on a boat ....more


I feel off in a lot of ways lately, but I've almost found comfort in not knowing what the hell I'm doing.This doesn't make me want to stab people less when they ask me if I've heard back from any jobs or if I've found a place to live. If you knew me at all, you'd know that if any of those things had happened it would be very obvious. If not by my happy dances or ecstatic shrieking, then by my social media/blog from which I hide nothing (when it comes to exciting life changes anyway).My roommate moved the majority of her stuff (which is everything because I contributed nothing--roommate of the year award goes to me!) out last weekend so I've been eating everything off of paper towels and mason jars.She may have taken the plates, but she left me a wine opener so I guess she's learned a thing or two about me in the past 12 months.Speaking of, I can justify spending $5 on a piece of toast at a trendy cafe, but I just can't bring myself to spend more than $6 on a bottle of wine ....more

Things that are always better

Some things in this world are considered interchangeable when they're absolutely not, and it's simply unacceptable. One of them is always better. Always.Coke Zero > Diet CokeOkay, so I realize Diet Coke goes back to a time before Coke Zero was even a glint in Papa Cola's eye, and I used to be a devout D.Coke fan, but that is a time long gone and happily forgotten ....more

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Lindsay and I grew up in Florida together and we both migrated West. I hadn't seen her in two years, but as we've proven to each other time and time again, it doesn't matter one bit how long we go without seeing each other. We had so much fun exploring San Francisco, Livermore, Tahoe and Oakland over the weekend ....more


If you've been thinking about expanding your blog, business or brand, I'd be more than happy to work with you this month! Check out my advertising options here...more


This is what I look like when I eat ribs after leaving the bars (some guy told me I was cute right outside of this establishment--joke's on him!).I've been sweating nonstop for the past week and the term "hot as balls" has rolled off my tongue more times than I'm comfortable with.Maybe confessions like that one are contributing to my interesting search terms (and rejection from adsense).Whenever I eat toasted bread or certain cereals it's like a massacre of the roof of my mouth.This song makes me wish I were a sassy blonde in cowboy boots. Oh, this one too.That janky laundry basket I told you guys about just stabbed me in the forehead on the way to the laundry room.My stomach has been completely destroyed this whole week so far and I have a theory it's from the green curry I ordered on Monday.This is my third time eating it despite this theory.I didn't watch the US game yesterday at first because I didn't realize it was on and then because I couldn't find the channel. I don't deserve to be American.The Dude Baby (my nanny babe) decided he's over naps ....more

Strawberry Mint Margaritas

I needed a fun summery beverage to bring to the park on Friday night, so I decided to get creative with the leftover Camarena tequila in my freezer. I have a love/hate relationship with tequila, but I hoped that adding mint leaves, sliced strawberries and limeade would ease the hate part for the night at least (the next morning was a different story). All you need is a bunch of sliced strawberries, mint leaves, ice cubes (or frozen strawberries so it doesn't get diluted), 3 cups Simply Limeade and one cup silver tequila (depending on how strong you want them to be because you can barely taste it--they'll getcha!) ....more

Weekend Snapshots

Guys, my weekend had all the qualities of an epic story: new friendships, explosives, patriotism, tequila, sunshine, dog birthday parties and near death experiences. That's what makes a good story, right? Friday night I made a bunch of new lady friends and we wined and dined in the park while a cover band played classic rock ....more

Epic Stitching Review + Giveaway

Mel of Epic Stitching & Handmade Design was sweet enough to let me review a couple of the bracelets from her sweet Etsy shop! I chose this one and this one...more

Low-carb Scallop Pasta

Guys, it's been like 453 years* since I did a recipe post. This could be because I've been eating fried oreos for dinner or because when I do cook I'm too lazy to photograph it or it could be because most of my readers don't care about recipe posts. But despite these obstacles I persevered because I am a damn champion (and I didn't have anything else to talk about today) ....more