Melanie S.

I relocated to Charleston, SC from Up North 8 years ago and never looked back. Warm weather most of the year, no snow, close to the beaches, great food. My husband Leroy* and I met a few months after I moved here and 7 blissful years later, we're livin' the dream with our spoiled little posse of fur babies. I'm a voracious reader, so you can usually find me somewhere curled up with a book; flip flops and diet Coke close at hand.
* No, my husband's name is not really Leroy. He wants to remain anonymous if I have to mention him, and ya know I do. So, henceforth, he will be affectionately known as Leroy.

Class and Dignity

At one time, there used to be a protocol for how women and men dressed.  Women mostly wore dresses or skirts, gloves,stylish hats,their bags and shoes matched. Men wore suits and ties with hats.  ...more


Definition of DAYDREAM : a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination   Daydreaming has always been an escape for me-that and books....more