Reversible + KNIT, First Day Dress

The first thing many of you ask when I share a new project is…Can I sew it with knits? Yes! Yes! ...more

the First Day Dress Pattern is HERE!

Whether it’s your first day of school or a lazy day at home, everyone deserves a dress that makes them feel special....more

First Day Dress pattern NEXT week!

I’m so happy to report that….the First Day Dress pattern will be available NEXT WEEK! Yay! It’s been a long time in the works ....more

book winner, I talk too fast, and a quilt of cookies

Hi friends. I hope your summer week is off to a good start! And if your name is Melissa, with a #78,...more

the Forest Feast

I think I just found the most beautiful cookbook every cooked. Although…..I almost feel silly calling it a “cookbook”....more

Building a new home: Mosaic tile and Wallpaper!

Remember those barstools I asked you about? You guys were fantastic with the feedback!...more

cause it’s also a good idea to sew 120 yards of ruffles….

Right? I mean, if you’re making 1 roll of streamers you might as well make 40?...more

MADE Everyday VIDEO: my easy, favorite, Go-To Baby Blanket

Remember when Clara was a baby? …and she and I loved to make the same facial expression? Okay maybe you don’t remember that part ....more

Guest Room makeover 2: Before and AFTER along the Coast

It’s been a busy month....more

SEW Beach tickets are for sale!

It’s June 1st!...more