The Shame Prom is coming

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Looking for volunteer writers

Looking for volunteer writers who have a unique story to tell about their lives. We are a modern family website and want stories about adoption, IVF,surrogacy, interracial marriages, two moms, two dads, single by choice, childless by choice, single moms, single dads. If you know a writer who is looking for an audience please contact me. website:, facebook and twitter. Check out our site and see if you would like to join our


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The story of the dog named Stitch

The story of the dog named Stitch The Story of Stitch from an outsider and not the biggest animal lover to boot....more

I never thought to call 911

I never thought to call 911 Today as I was finishing my last errand of the day and heading home, I turned on my usual short cut street and quickly passed a woman appearing to be weeding her garden but something seemed off so I drove around the block to make sure. There was Rose S. (a total stranger to me) sort of laying on her back crouching forward trying to sit straight up. I put down my window and asked if she was okay (I was across the street)....more

I love the New guy

I like the new guys As I age and have to go to more and more doctors for stupid accidents or sore feet, I tend to be more inclined to make an appointment with the "new guy". Not been offered choices with "new gals" but I would certainly pick them as well. My two new guys are both my kids ages 38-40 or younger (36). They are such eye candy for this old folk and they have actual personalities. I tend to engender conversations that both never thought they would have with a patient. I am like that....more

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Tooting my own horn

Mother's day for some ain't easy

Mother's day for some ain't easy For me Mother's day is always a bit tough. My memories of my mother are very limited and a lot not the greatest. I once asked my dad if my Mom wanted kids and he said absolutely. I find that difficult to sometimes see in my mother. I wanted kids for sure and I know my kids feel that love and need and want within me. When I look at my Mom today at 84 it is hard to recognize her spirit....more