Malerie Yolen-Cohen

I'm a freelance magazine and newspaper travel writer, mom of two nearly grown sons (19 and 21), and married to the same guy - Jeff - for 29 years.  I run two blogs; and  The latter is a travelogue and guide to the longest contiguous federal highway in the country - and I drove all 3,652 miles of it by myself this past spring.  An amazing journey through the center of our country.

US Route 6: A Travel Writer’s Dream

As with most travelers, my cross-country road trip began with a Google search.  As a freelance travel writer with a new empty nest, I was getting antsy to take an extended road trip - one that I’d daydreamed about since purchasing my first “Let’s Go USA” in high school. ...more
Hi,This sound great. I've also wanted to do a USA road trip since I was in school and my sons 23 ...more

Initia-tainment: The Eco-Celebrity Campaign

A Fortune 500 scion, a fimmaker and a minor celebrity walk into a bar...and they decide to change the world.   ...more

Behind the Scenes: A Travel Writer Press Junket

When I mention that I write travel features for magazines and newspapers, I invariably hear one of two responses: “If you ever need someone to come along, call me!” or “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” Everyone, it seems, yearns to be a travel writer. You get paid to eat at a passel of restaurants, indulge in fancy hotels, and snare lots of swag, right?...more
Sounds like two great nights! I really enjoyed reading about the press junket! Thanks for giving ...more