Jane Goodwin

I am an absent-minded professor, an empty-nest mommy, an internet social media watchdog/liaison, a professional writer, an education advocate/critic, and a speaker.   I do not suffer fools gladly, and I don't think you should, either. I believe in proper public behavior, good grammar, and fairies.  I loathe political correctness, euphemisms, smokers, and people who let their kids run wild in public.  I have not yet given up on my childhood ambitions of being an astronaut and a ballerina, and people with no sense of humor are very, very, very boring. 

I love to bake (bread machines are for sissies), sew, quilt, read, and sing along to all kinds of music - especially Broadway, and except country. However, just because I DO sing doesn't mean that I SHOULD. My apologies to all within hearing distance.

Children are first. We are last. Period.

My Blogs

Three Truths and a Lie

Mamacita says: You know how the game is played. Here are four statements about me, and one of them is a lie. Which one? ...more

Ten Years Blogging. I’m Old School!

Mamacita says: ...more

Things I Still Haven’t Done. Yet.

Mamacita says: I’m not the only procrastinator you know, but I’m probably the only one who still hasn’t used an ATM machine. Ten things I still haven’t done: 1. Used an ATM machine ....more

Half A Pot Roast, and a Mashed Grilled Cheese, Please

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Poetry Friday: Sara Teasdale and the Muses

Mamacita says: There are many poets whose works I love, although of course NOBODY loves everything that anyone does. You may apply that philosophy to every aspect of life. You’re welcome ....more

You Can Do It, Duffy Moon!

Mamacita says: This coming week is Midterm Week, and while I know for a fact that every single solitary thing mentioned even in passing on this test has been thoroughly covered, I also know that this is the first college midterm for most of my students and they are frightened. In literary terms, this kind of conflict is called “person vs. the unknown.” ...more

It Is A Terrible Thing Not to Become An Adult When One Ceases to Be A Child

 Oh, there will be people who won’t like this post.  Fair warning:  some people will be hit below the belt.  Perhaps it’s high time somebody aimed at these people below the belt.  There’s been far too much rationalizing about this behavior, and there are way too many euphemisms for it....more