Kim Siegal

I live and work in Western Kenya with my husband and two small boys. I blog about clumsily navigating the inevitable cultural differences.  About looking at what we left in the US and feeling like we live a relatively simple life, and then looking at our neighbors and feeling embarrassed by our riches.  About figuring out to raise our kids without playgrounds and playdates and without easy access to grandparents and Cheerios. About trying to become more than an curiosity to people here, and trying to seem less far away to people back home.

Watching Obama Win. In Kenya.

Here I am in the our newly re-elected President's ancestral homeland, Nyanza Kenya, literally an hour's drive from his grandmother's home. I'm not all that surprised that I'm surrounded by Kenyans who are also rejoicing in this win. He's their guy, son of a local man risen to the highest heights imaginable. I expected this jubilation. ...more

How Staying at Home Saved My Marriage

I'm going to go ahead and say something heretical. Something very antiquated and anti-feminist. Something that might make Betty Friedan turn angrily in her grave. You ready? Here I go: Staying at home with my kids has been good for my marriage....more
Whew, I am totally with you on the time crunch after work when we swing into "second shift" in a ...more